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INFOtrac provides a powerful method for the managing of service-related procedures. As INFOtrac’s service management solution can be tied directly to its contact / CRM environment (as well as to an accounting application), it offers an integrated solution that enables efficient and automated operations, a higher level of customer service, and happy service delivery personnel.

INFOtrac fits the business processes unique to service management. It can hold all the required service information related to a client site, and specific service information can be entered into INFOtrac via a data entry form. When used in tandem with an INFOtrac warranty or RMA system, all relevant business processes can seamlessly interact together to enable comprehensive business process automation.

Valuable ‘live’ action reports can also be produced with the INFOtrac Finder, so as to allow for the effective management of service orders based upon where they are in the service delivery process. These reports interact with the rest of the INFOtrac service order system, and make the execution of relevant business processes fast, interactive and simple.

From the information contained within INFOtrac, work orders can be automatically printed and can contain all the data required for service delivery. Service personnel can benefit greatly from the consistent and controlled information they are given, and are provided with the means by which to offer efficient and professional service.

Service scheduling is integrated to INFOtrac’s calendaring system, can be made available to all users, and provides up to the minute information for any inquiries that may be made, or reports that may be required. Reports can be produced to provide overviews of all aspects of a company’s service operations.

Productivity reports for field technicians, schedules and other reports are instantly driven with a single command in INFOtrac. This reporting can be used to drive future directions for service and support, and can be used by service employees and sales departments, as well as management.

With INFOtrac’s integrated Question & Answer database, a library of service-related responses can be integrated to the service solution. The Q&A database allows employees to quickly access answers to issues that have previously been reported.

INFOtrac’s service system can be fully integrated to a company’s accounting application, and chargeable work orders can be made to flow into an accounting solution for automatic invoicing.

Using INFOtrac as the hub of a service management system, all aspects of such a system can be connected, integrated and automated to product a highly efficient solution.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service Management & Help Desk:

"Service Management & Help Desk" is part of the INFOtrac line of products, developed by DSM Data Systems Marketing.