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Many companies deal with warranty service issues for the items that they sell. Returned Materials can be a consistent source of frustration. Dealing with the business processes associated with RMAs often requires employees to access historical information to verify an item’s warranty status, and determine the method of service, repair or replacement that will be required.

RMA processes can be automated through INFOtrac to reduce the amount of time required to verify and process an item through to completion. In addition, information that is collected from RMA data can allow a company to monitor recurring service issues with its products, and provide quantitative information that can be used in supplier negotiations.

Reports regarding product and supplier RMA frequency can be generated for management and allow for proper the analysis of the RMA activity.

Taking the RMA process further, when INFOtrac is connected to your accounting system, it can be setup to allow employees to enter the serial number of the RMA item, so that INFOtrac can access the original sales order information from the customer’s purchase, as well as information from the purchase of the item from the supplier. From here, INFOtrac can have the intelligence to know if the item is under warranty so that it can start the RMA process. This can be a huge time saver, as often the information required in such a process can be difficult to retrieve. Faster results for the customer are but a few of the hallmarks of such an INFOtrac solution.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with RMA Management:

"RMA Management" is part of the INFOtrac line of products, developed by DSM Data Systems Marketing.