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“INFOtrac for HVAC” meets the specific needs and business processes of the HVAC industry, and is fully customizable so as to suite the unique nuances that a particular HVAC company may have.

INFOtrac for HVAC deploys a powerful work order management system that encompasses tools for the scheduling of technicians, installations and service work. INFOtrac for HVAC also enables the management of installed equipment, and controls for warranty expiration, recurring service, cleanings, etc.

INFOtrac for HVAC provides a comprehensive system for the follow up and management of all HVAC-related processes, so as to ensure that companies are able to capitalize upon potential new business opportunities, and maintain high service levels.

When integrated into an accounting environment, INFOtrac’s work order solution includes a closing process that allows billable invoices to be automatically invoiced by an accounting application. In addition, the ability to automatically invoice recurring service contract items to customers is also built in; thus ensuring that all invoices are issued without an unnecessary expenditure of time and effort.

Through INFOtrac, the management of business processes related to the HVAC industry can be completely automated, so that employees can focus their energies unrelated to tedious administrative procedures.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with HVAC:

"HVAC" is part of the INFOtrac line of products, developed by DSM Data Systems Marketing.