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A multi‑module management system designed by DSM Data Systems Marketing.
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Deployed throughout the world for over 15 years, INFOtrac can provide an organization with the ultimate in CRM, Business Process Automation, and Sales Force Automation.

More that just a state-of-the-art contact manager, INFOtrac is a customizable ‘tool kit’ which, when combined with an accounting system such as BusinessVision32, can provide small and mid-sized organizations the kinds of software solutions previously only available to Fortune 500 companies.

INFOtrac integration to accounting software can securely and instantly synchronize information between the two programs to provide a single, accurate data set. In addition to standard connections, you can create custom connections to meet your client’s exact needs. INFOtrac’s integration to BV32, for example, includes the synchronization of Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, and Sales Reps. Customized Quotes entered in INFOtrac automatically convert to Orders in BV32. In addition, you can also view elements of sales information and sales history in INFOtrac; and reference customer information from BV32 directly in INFOtrac.

INFOtrac distinguishes itself from the other CRMs in three main ways:

  • The degree on ‘customization’ possible. Through INFOtrac’s Advanced Screen Designer and Scripting Language (one hour of INFOtrac configuration is equivalent to over 40 hours of core custom programming), incredibly tailored and company-specific solutions have been developed and deployed for a wide variety of different verticals and industries.
  • The degree to which INFOtrac can integrate to an accounting application. Over 2000 programming hours have gone into developing the INFOtrac Accounting Conduit. It is through this conduit that INFOtrac can not only reference accounting data, but also process it as well. This allows for amazing functionality and has allowed for the deployment of a wide variety of solutions.
  • Remote Access. INFOtrac can provide remote users access to the same type of information available to their ‘Home Office’. One INFOtrac customer has over 200 users synchronizing database changes via INFOtrac from all over the world.

Popular Functionality Modules

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