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D.R.E.C. Incorporated, established in 1994, entered the software arena the next year. However, the business system the Construction Concepts program is based on, was formulated over the past thirty years. With extensive background in general contracting, real estate, consulting and material sales, the Construction Concepts development team has touched nearly every facet of the construction industry.

Contributions from title managers, bankers and certified public accountants rounded out the program to make Construction Concepts a complete, integrated system. Literally hundreds of residential homes, multi-family structures and light commercial developments gave the team the necessary experience for the testing and production of the program. Mission Statement

The mission of D.R.E.C. Incorporated is to provide a comprehensive, usable and flexible software program to general contractors. Our desire is to significantly improve the profit, professionalism and work environment of builders. We are committed to providing complete and ethical service to the individual through leadership and education using honesty and integrity as our baseline. We are dedicated to providing the best technological product at a reasonable and fair cost to the consumer.

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