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A multi‑module management system designed by DPSI.
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PMC is a computerized maintenance management system designed to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and extend equipment life. PMC provides many benefits in the following areas:

  • Scheduling
  • Work Orders
  • Time Card Entry
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Reporting

Additionally, the Work Requester Email/Pager module and the Barcode module are available for further versatility. The Work Requester Email/Pager module allows non PMC users to submit maintenance requests from any location. The Barcode module is a software package that allows you to easily print and apply barcodes to reports, work orders, purchase orders and labels. Hence, allowing for instantaneous data entry since the user only has to scan the barcode to enter data.

Popular Functionality Modules

Purchasing To maximize your control over your inventory PMC has developed a purchasing system that can automatically generate purchase orders as needed. If you need parts quickly and…

Inventory PMC’s Inventory module is designed to give you the control to run your stockroom at peak efficiency. Consisting of the Part table and the Inventory MenuPal, PMC can…

Reports & Graphs PMC’s powerful report writer contains over 200 pre-defined reports and graphs. Reports can also be defined by you; you simply need to select the specific information…

Work Orders PMC’s Work Orders Module allows you to generate, manage, and report your work orders. Combination of multiple work orders can be easily done by creating a master work…

Scheduling PMC’s Scheduling module gives you a variety of ways to create and edit work orders. Work orders can be manually or automatically scheduled. Automatically scheduled work…

Complete Functionality Module List

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