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iMaint provides support for all types of work orders; be they simple (with no asset), procedure (with a defined maintenance job) or flexible (multiple assets and procedures grouped together). iMaint automatically displays a summary of the work with estimated actual and remaining labor costs; and other parts and miscellaneous costs. The work order module allows you to define work order status (e.g., planned, open, started, completed, canceled, etc.) and apply costs to one or more general ledger accounts; splitting costs by percentage or specified amounts. By allowing multiple comments, attachments, and user-defined fields; you will have the ability to follow up with a work order like never before. Cost accounting keeps track of labor, parts, and miscellaneous costs associated with maintenance. The flexibility of the work order module allows you to allocate your resources by scheduling resources to specific work orders. Additionally, if one warehouse doesn’t have the parts needed the system can automatically check other warehouses and at your discretion issue parts. If a work order is changed after creation, the system automatically marks it as amended and records: the change, the user who made the change, and the time & date of the change. Work orders that are closed can be re-opened as necessary to make corrections or add information (until the accounting year is closed).

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