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iMaint gives you the ability to create and edit scheduled work orders. The features of the scheduling module are listed below:

  • Multi-Job Work Orders: If you have work orders due near the same date you can elect to have those work orders automatically combined based on similar assets or procedures.
  • Auto-Schedule: This feature allows you to create and print work orders that are due within a date range specified by you.
  • Season Date Ranges By Asset: You can specify date ranges when out of season work should not be done, and in-season work should be completed
  • Scheduling Capabilities: You can schedule work orders based on date last scheduled or date completed. Additionally, you can use fixed dates and bypass regular scheduling to handle special situations.
  • Warranty Coverage: If you have assets that are still under warranty; you can mark them in the system and view or print a complete list of all assets covered by warranty.

Other Applications

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"Scheduling" is part of the iMaint line of products, developed by DPSI.

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