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iMiant’s Reports and Graphs Module allows you to collect and analyze information about your companies operations. This module boasts over 100 pre-defined reports with accompanying graphs. Furthermore, this module gives you the ability to create your own reports. iMiant also allows you to specify what information you want on which report; that is, if you want to run a report including certain information and excluding other information you can. Reports can be saved to many commonly used formats such as excel, word, HTML, Lotus and text. You can also make changes to a report after it is created; and any changes made to labels, will automatically be reflected on your reports (e.g. changing asset to equipment). iMaint also has the ability to perform multi-site reports; meaning it can collect information from different databases and combine the information for powerful cross-site analysis.

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"Reports & Graphs" is part of the iMaint line of products, developed by DPSI.

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