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iMaint features a versatile parts & inventory management system. This module has the capability to maintain and manage any number of warehouses you may have. A part can be stored in any number of warehouses; meaning it can be stored in more than one location (primary/backup parts). Transferring of inventory is simply completed within the computer system; only users that you give security clearance to have the capability to do this. Furthermore, any changes made to inventory (quantity, location, cost changes) are logged and can be reviewed later to see exactly how parts are being used. Searching for an inventory part can be done by searching just your location, or by searching multiple locations. Search results display locations with the part and the quantity available for use. iMaint allows for components to be tracked, if they are installed on an asset. Each part in your inventory can be associated with any number of vendors, manufacturers, assets, substitutions and attachments. Hazardous materials are also flagged for safety purposes.

Running a physical inventory count is easily done in a three step process. First, you create a list of parts to count; this list can be based on any combination of part criteria. Secondly, you print the list and use it to count the parts in stock. Then finally you enter the numbers into the system. At this point you can print a reconciliation report and update physical inventory.

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