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Accounts Receivable is as flexible as it is powerful.

  • Process receivables on a balance forward or open-item basis and assign the method to individual customers
  • Record receipts against specific invoices and process prepayments against invoices not yet recorded
  • Process deposits for multiple bank accounts
  • Automatically post cash receipts to the check reconciliation file
  • Assign an unlimited number of state and local tax codes and rates
  • Delete or renumber customer account numbers
  • Process invoices and receipts for cash sales
  • Retain customer history for as unlimited time period
  • View or print history transactions for a range of customer numbers
  • Print statements on standard or custom forms for a billing cycle, for all customers or a specific customer
  • Create classification codes, term codes, salesperson codes, sales codes, sales tax codes, and general ledger interface codes
  • Use Accounts Receivable as a stand-alone module or integrate with the General Ledger, Checkbook, Order Entry and Invoicing modules

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"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Accounting Systems--comprehensive line of products, developed by DPC.

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