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DoubleCheck Software

A developer of business management software.

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DoubleCheck™ LLC is a leading enterprise-level GRC & Audit solutions software company. The DoubleCheck GRC & Audit platform can automate and unify on a single platform any or all of any organization’s governance, risk, compliance and testing (GRC & Audit) activities. This includes key requirements such as SOX Compliance, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Audit Management.

The DoubleCheck GRC & Audit Platform is highly scalable, thus suitable for small and large organizations alike. The platform enables the unification of all GRC & Audit across a company’s entire enterprise. This eliminates the cumbersome burden (and cost) of numerous entity-level solutions for individual departments or disciplines within a company. The framework and workflow are highly configurable to meet YOUR requirements; not an “out of the box” solution that in fact requires you to modify your workflow to fit into their fixed parameters.

This policy driven, risk-centric approach is more efficient, offers a higher ROI and greatly increases the visibility of key risk and control factors across the entire enterprise for management review and remediation. This is becoming more important now that S&P have announced they will be including Risk Management criteria in their assignment of credit ratings for non-financial companies starting in 2010. DoubleCheck is ideally suited to provide the solutions, tools, information and reporting systems essential to ensure a productive, efficient and well-organized workflow for any type of organization in any industry: public, private or non-profit.

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