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Property Manager EDGE Standard

A full ERP system designed by Domin‑8 Enterprise Solutions.
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This product has been acquired by RealPage, Inc and is no longer sold or supported. RealPage, Inc recommends Propertyware as an alternative option.

Property Manager EDGE®,

With EDGE, managing residential, retail, and commercial properties is available in one comprehensive Property Management system.


Property Manager EDGE® offers powerful processing, integrated accounting and the flexibility that comes with a scalable web enabled system. Efficiently process and manage large amounts of information.

Increases accuracy and productivity. An easy to use system with powerful features will give you the power to improve property performance, lower costs and meet or exceed tenant and owner expectations. You won’t need to buy additional software to run your Property Management business. EDGE does it all.

Real-Time Information

With the speed of business, you need instant access to all accounting and financial data. General ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, check writing, delinquent rents, tenant billing, vacancies, audit controls, and comprehensive financial reporting. With Property Manager EDGE® there are no posting processes that need to run. All information is accurate and up-to-date. Information like budgeting for multiple years, budget variance tracking allows for detailed and accurate budget variance analysis. Consolidated reports for Owners with individual statements, statements by percentage of ownership, and other user defined groupings.

System Features

  • Year 2000 compliant
  • Windows graphical interface: multiple windows, pick lists, etc.
  • Instant access to functions using toolbars or shortcut keys
  • Context sensitive Windows style help system with flexible searching.
  • True Drill Down features.
  • Pop-up calculator and calendar
  • Integrated FoxPro word processor with mail merge, or export to various formats.
  • System auditing: all general ledger entries are tracked by date, time, and user.
  • Optional ‘click of a button’ sends reports to word processing and spreadsheet documents, HTML documents for web page publication, or email.
  • Grid columns can be re-sorted with a ‘click’ on the column heading
  • Entering a five-digit zip code in an address line will auto-fill the city, state and zip.
  • Menu level security.
  • Property level, and property grouping level security.
  • Functional level security (Full access, no access, read-only access, no deletes, back-outs only.
  • System auditing: All general ledger entries are tracked by date, time, and user.
  • You can print reports in HTML format for direct postings on web pages. You can post your Vacancy Report on your web page without doing any conversion.
  • Schedule reports to print at later times. If you have certain times of the day to use the printer, you can schedule printing of all your reports for that time.
  • Export the reports to spreadsheet and Word Processing formats. You can export any report (like your Profit/Loss Statement) to a spreadsheet for further data analysis.
  • Email reports. Email any report (like your Owner Activity Statement) directly to your Owners.

Customizable Screens (User Defined Fields)

The EDGE Standard and Professional Editions offer Unlimited User Defined fields for Owners, Properties, Units, Tenants and Vendors. You define the field type (Memo, Character, Numeric, Money, Date, Logical, etc.) You define the terminology.

Example: You can create a field to track Tenant License Plate numbers. You can find any Tenant by the License Plate number, and create reports to show Tenant parking spaces and License Plate information.

Prospective Tenant, Applicant Management

  • Track Prospective Tenants, requested Properties, application dates, requested move-in dates, and checkup and approval status.
  • Track Advertising Lead Source to monitor the most cost effective marketing.
  • Print reports on available rentals, wait lists, and other criteria.
  • Automatically transfer applicant data to tenant record when approved.

Pull on-line credit reports directly from Property Manager saving you time and money with the renThis™ Tenant Rental History Interface.

Residential Management Features

There are many innovative and productive solutions for single family and multi-family, environments, encompassing everything from subsidized housing, manufactured housing, plus condominium and Home Owner Associations. Optimizing occupancy and collections are made easier with an extensive array of monitoring and reporting options including Prospective Tenant tracking, move-in, move-out functions that prorate charges and generate refund checks and move-out statements. Invoices are available in several formats; notices, letters, and other correspondence are easily produced.

  • Unlimited Names per Tenant record which are searchable and printable.
  • Unlimited phone numbers with descriptions and extensions.
  • Four line address. Store Forwarding Address when Tenants move-out.
  • Move-in with automatic pro-ration of charges.
  • Calculation and generation of refund check and Move-out statement.
  • Interest calculation on security deposits.
  • Searching and Finding Tenants is quick and easy.
  • Search by Tenant Name with LIKE spelling and NICKNAME searching.
  • Filter for Past, Current and Future Tenants.
  • Search By Property and/or Unit.
  • Search by User Defined Fields.
  • Search by any field in the Tenant database.
  • Tenant ledger with unlimited history.
  • Tenant ledger by open items only, payment history only, operating account only, security account only, or any combination together.
  • Move process to move a Tenant to another Property with automatic transfer of security deposit.
  • Unlimited Rent Schedule with multiple charges. Define each charge separately if included with Management Fee Calculation.
  • Support multiple payment frequencies.
  • Rent schedule supports CPI rent increases.
  • Increase rents by property, specific tenants, percentage, dollar amount, square footage, or CPI table.
  • Track unlimited lease history with unlimited notes for each lease.
  • Lead Source for most cost effective advertising leads.
  • Track Tenant References.
  • Track Pet information.
  • Track and process Rent Sales Taxes for states that require it.
  • Canadian companies can track the Canadian GST tax.
  • Keep Track of Rent Controls for areas that require it.
  • Imaging: Scan signed lease documents and store them with the corresponding tenant record, allowing office to go paperless.
  • Merge Editor for printing of notices, invoices, lease expirations, delinquent rent, evictions, and other correspondence.
  • Credit Bureau reporting for tenant payment history.
  • Rent Roll report with balance forwarding and vacancy information.
  • Occupancy and Vacancy analysis reports.
  • Unit Inventory for tracking items with purchases dates and values.
  • Tenant Electronic Payment/Lockbox Processing.
  • Common Area Maintenance pass-thru charges with unit percentages.

Condominium, Home Owner Association Features

  • Track actual owner and subleasing tenant.
  • The system substitutes the word “Owner” for the word “Tenant“ through out the system.
  • Pass-thru Common Area Maintenance Charges with Unit percentages.
  • Easy entry for one time assessment charges to units.
  • Rent Roll report with code summary report option.
  • 1099s with option to use the Condominium association as the reporting agency.

Commercial/Retail Management Features

There are several features included in the EDGE Professional edition that make it powerful management software for Commercial and Retail Properties. Lease Tracking and Processing, Percentage Rents, CAM Reconciliation, Pass Thru Charges, Automatic CPI Rent increases, Customizable Invoices, etc. There are several Commercial Property Management software competitors that charge $25,000 or more for software that does not have all the features EDGE has. You don’t have to buy expensive software and then pay extra for additional Commercial feature modules. The EDGE Professional edition has it all!

  • Automatic CPI Rent Increases
  • Calculate Rent Increase based off CPI indexes.
  • Calculate Rent Increases Based on Square Footage – Calculate Rent Increase by square footage size on a cost per square foot basis.
  • Calculate Rent Increases Based on a dollar or percentage increase.
  • Percentage Rents - Shopping Centers, Retail stores can be charged rent as a percentage of their Gross Sales. The percentage can be a sliding scale based on amount ranges.
  • Vacancies - Calculate vacancy percentage by Unit, Income, or Square Footage.
  • Unlimited Units Per Tenant Record – Most other Property Management software packages cannot handle Tenants in office complexes that take over additional space (units), once units are already setup. Not a problem with EDGE. You can assign unlimited units to a Tenant Record. When a Tenant takes over additional office space, just add the unit number to the existing tenant record.
  • User Security – Setup customized user access to limit users to specific menu options, specific properties or Property Groups, even define users as having full access or read only access to specific data entry windows.
  • Prospective Tenants (credit reports, lead source tracking) – Track Prospective Tenants, Pull on-line credit reports (with the CrediTrax Interface) and track lead sources to analyze the most cost effective advertising methods.
  • Lease Information – Track unlimited lease histories per Tenant, and notes per lease. With the Lease Expiration Reports and Notices, and the Lease Renewal Reports and Notices you can easily track and maintain all lease information. You can process all types of Leases, Gross Leases, Net Leases, Triple Net Leases, Full Service Leases, etc.
  • Pass Thru Charges - Define percentages per unit and have charges (e.g. Common Area Maintenance) pass thru to the Tenant. Each Tenant will be charged their appropriate percentage.
  • Utility Billing - If you need to take meter readings for Utilities and bill Tenants for usage, the EDGE Professional version has a Utility Billing module that can make the process quick and easy.
  • Profit and Loss Report Features – Choose columns for % Revenue, Per Unit Cost, Per Sqft. Cost, for actual, budget and YTD figures, last year comparisons. Customize accounts and make custom calculations on Chart of Accounts.
  • 1099 Reporting – Report 1099s for Owners and Vendors, either the Property Management Company, or the Property can be the reporting agency.
  • Vendor Reports – Print Payable reports by Vendor, Vendor Ledger Reports. Track 1099s by Vendor. Property Grouping – You can create property Groups and print reports for those groups. You can have unlimited groups per Property. Example: You can use the initials of your Property Managers as a group so they can print reports for only the properties they manage.
  • Customizable reports (spreadsheet, HTML, email) – EDGE Professional edition gives you the ability to customize any report, print/export reports to Spreadsheet formats, to HTML for web postings and to Email reports. You can email reports directly to owners!
  • Purchase Orders – Enter Purchase Order requests and have the proper personnel authorize them for payment.
  • Unit Inventory – Track Unit inventory items, with purchase dates, values for depreciation expense, and serial numbers for insurance claims.
  • Invoices – You can customize your invoices and have invoices printed only for Tenants requiring invoices. You can make an unlimited amount of customized invoices.

Property Manager EDGE Standard Edition. The solution for the Mid-sized Property Management Companies with all the features of the Small Office Edition plus:

  • The ability to license additional users for a network solution.
  • Unlimited number of Properties and Units.
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields.
  • Advanced Reporting, which gives you the ability to customize any report.
  • Commercial-Retail Property Features like, Rent by Gross Sales Percentage and Common Area Maintenance Reconciliation.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting.
  • Payables, Automatic Property Disbursement feature.
  • Customizable Profit/Loss Statements with Percentage/Dollar variances, Cost per Unit, Percentage of Income, with last year and budget comparisons.

Report Writer Module

The ultimate data-reporting tool! This versatile tool can be used to create specific and complex reports that are fully customizable. A myriad of Visual FoxPro commands exist to even further expand its versatility and power.

Competitor Data Conversion Module

Property Manager EDGE® can import the data from your old property management software into your new Edge software. This process can save days of work reentering all of your Owners, Properties, Units, Vendors and Tenants. This is a quick and easy process, and a must for busy property managers who don’t have the time to enter setup data manually.

Payroll for Windows Module

Property Manager EDGE® interfaces with the industry leader in Payroll Automation software, Payroll for Windows. It costs less than a payroll service and is faster than doing your payroll by hand.

Setup employees as salaried or hourly with up to three pay rates per employee and flexible pay frequencies. Setup an unlimited number of employees with hire dates, last raise dates, terminations dates, review comments, and more. Automatically calculate federal and state withholdings, local taxes, and Social Security and Medicare. Choose from a wide variety of additional income items, including bonuses, tips, mileage, commissions, and piecework - or create your own. Use pre-defined deductions, such as 401K and cafeteria plans, SDI, and loans - or create your own. Setup flexible sick and vacation accruals. Imports directly into Property Manager.

Minnesota Certificate of Rent Paid Module

Property Manager EDGE® can track and generate your CRP tax forms, and print the rents, and percentages, onto the form itself with the purchase of this module. We keep track of the county you are reporting for, the Parcel Number involved, which monies collected from a tenant applies to the Minnesota State Department of Revenue’s CRP rules, the Welfare/ Medicaid payments made for the tenant, and whether the property is a Nursing Home. If you manage properties in Minnesota, do not fret. Edge has got you covered.

Pennsylvania Security Deposit Interest Refund Module

Property Manager EDGE® can keep track of security deposit interest refunds according to the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. The process, when purchased, will automatically refund the interest only to the tenant’s who qualified for the refund during the past year. Edge keeps track of the minimum amounts, the two years of no interest calculation and creates the scheduled payment for the tenants who do qualify. Don’t let state law interfere with your work, EDGE will keep track of it for you.

Utility Billing Module

Property Manager EDGE® has an incredibly powerful Utility Billing module for tracking utility charges, and billing the units involved. The Utility Charges can use break points for charging differing amounts. The number of utility codes to be tracked is unlimited. Flat fees, and other charges are also tracked. The module also includes an Audit Report so you can make sure your data entry is correct, and the correct amount of money is being collected. It is like having a Public Utility working inside your computer.

Electronic Banking Module

Electronic Banking allows you to automate cash receipts payments eliminating the need for data entry. The electronic check clearing will automatically reconcile checks that have cleared your account. Improve your professional image with custom tenant statements.

With the Payment Servicing Corp.(PSC™) interface, your tenants can make payments using Electronic Payments - Automated Clearing House (ACH), eChecks, Visa, MasterCard, or online payments through your company website.

Electronically capturing and posting receipts for Tenant Payments eliminates tedious data entry and the associated worry of posting rent checks to the wrong tenant. Electronically capturing the reconciled checks eliminates the tedious work of bank reconciliation. The process will also notify you of discrepancies of check amounts, potentially saving you hours of investigation time.

The coupon features of Property Manager EDGE® are a must for Condominium and Homeowner Associations. Supplying your condo owners with 12 months of payment coupons gives them a consistent reminder of their monthly fee and late fee amount if payment is not received by the specified date. Coupons printed with the OCR scan line allow quick payment processing for bank lock box scanning.

Enhance your professional image with Property Manager’s customizable Invoice statements. The built-in integration with the FoxPro merge editor or Microsoft Word® gives you unlimited possibilities for statement design and layout. Improve tenant communications with special announcements or messages placed anywhere on your statement. Easily include logos or other graphics and specify special page sizes, thereby eliminating the need for pre-printed statement stock.

The Electronic Banking Check Clearing features allow you to quickly monitor checking activity with your bank, giving you better control of your cash balances. Knowing on a daily basis exactly which checks clear the bank, and for what amount, is absolutely necessary for operations with a high volume of payables. The Electronic Banking Module imports Check Clearing files from your bank to provide fraud protection and easier bank reconciliation. The automated process alerts you if the bank’s records for a check differ from yours, while at the same time marks the check as ‘bank cleared’. When you use the Electronic Banking automatic reconciliation import, at month end, your cash balances are secure and your bank reconciliation is a breeze. The Electronic Banking Module will eliminate data entry time and improve cash management.

As part of the Electronic Banking module, Property Manager EDGE interfaces with the industry leader in payment automation solutions, Payment Servicing Corp.(PSC™). With this seamless interface you can completely automate your tenant billing and receivable collections, and offer your tenant services other property management companies can’t.

Payment Servicing Corp is one of the leading ASP (Application Service Provider) for companies that receive payments or send invoices. PSC provides a secure, web based statement presentation and payment application that interfaces directly with Property Manager EDGE software.

The PSC interface provides a complete payment processing solution. Your tenants can make payments by eCheck, ACH, Credit Card, pay online on your company’s website, view payment history, or print a statement to make a payment. PSC produces your invoices, newsletters or any other correspondence you want to send to your tenant. PSC gives your tenants access to their account 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Just by adding a simple link to your website, you can offer your tenants:

  • Monthly Statements
  • Online Payment
  • Online Credit Card
  • Online Check
  • Auto Debit (ACH)

Enhance your business with internet technology and no development costs.

Setup Tenants for Auto Debit (ACH) and benefit from:

  • No more collecting checks
  • No more data entry of payments
  • No more excuses ”The check’s in the mail“
  • No more mailing invoices
  • No more postage cost
  • No more stamping envelopes
  • No more running to the bank
  • No need to open up a merchant account to accept credit card payments
  • More payment options for your tenants
  • More time to build your business
  • Fewer delinquent payments
  • Provide a more professional image

No Need To Change Your Bank - Funds are automatically disbursed to your account. Your Company can utilize all of these features for only $2.50 per month per tenant.

Vacation/Short Term Rental Module

Do you Manage Short Term Rentals? The Property Manager EDGE® has a comprehensive Vacation Rental Module specializing in the management of short-term property rentals, providing companies the ability to maintain accurate reservation information.

Unit Availability - The availability of a unit can be quickly checked by using the Unit Availability Report/Process from the Property Menu | Unit Reports Submenu. This option can show a units’ availability for any period of time into the future. The display is color coded for easy visual display.

Making a Reservation – Making a reservation is quick an easy with the Unit Reservations window. Each reservation has a unique reservation number that can easily be searched. Reservations can be booked for any date range. The system will warn you if you try to book a reservation for an occupied unit. You can reserve a unit for Guest Use, Owner Use, Promotional User or Scheduled maintenance. Changes to reservations can be made quickly and easily.

System Highlights:

  • Unit Availability – A graphical color calendar display lets you easily see unit availability, as far into the future you need to go. You can book reservations years in advance.
  • Easy Data Entry – Book reservations quickly and easily. Making changes to reservations is just as easy.
  • Reservation Types – Units can be reserved for
    • Guest Use
    • Owner Use
    • Promotional Use
    • Maintenance.
  • No Overbooking – The system warns you if you try to book a reserved unit.
  • Unlimited Notes – Unlimited notes can be attached to a reservation.
  • Complete History – The systems maintains a complete history of each reservation.

Unit Availability used together with the new Prospective Tenant tracking feature you have a powerful tool for Property Management and Vacation Rental tracking.

You Will Have Help

An extensive help system is included so that your staff’s questions are quickly answered. The online help system includes the entire user manual and is context sensitive with additional helpful links. No matter where you are in the system, definitions can be obtained for any item on the screen, and ”how to“ information is provided for the procedural task at hand. The entire help system is searchable by keyword or topic and bookmarks can be established for streamlined future reference. Individual company procedures can be annotated within the help system to ensure your operations are carried out uniformly according to your company policies.

Winning Edge Software Solutions offers:

  • Optional phone, fax and email support help.
  • The Winning Edge website has a ”Cybertech“ feature which is a self-serve on-line help option.
  • You can even access our website or email our technical support department directly from within the Property Manager program.

A System You Will Never Outgrow

As your company grows, Winning Edge Software Solutions provides solutions that grow with you. The acquisition of new properties may bring new system requirements. Winning Edge Software Solutions is ready to meet the new challenges with a product line that is designed for operating environments of small peer-to-peer networks and large dedicated server network systems. Simply add more user licenses when they are needed.

Part of the Team

When you install our software you become a part of the Winning Edge Team. Your voice is heard and has a powerful impact that helps to shape and enrich our products. We build relationships by working hard to earn our customers’ loyalty and trust. That’s why our products are consistently the first choice for demanding professionals - the world over!

Time is money! Property Manager EDGE® is a powerful, easy to use solution that will increase productivity and save you money.

The ability to license additional users for a network solution The EDGE Standard Edition allows you to maximize your data and computer resources with networking and data sharing features. Since EDGE is licensed by the number of people that will simultaneously be using it, you can purchase only what you need now - upgrading as you grow.

Handles an Unlimited number of Properties and Units

The acquisition of new properties may bring new system requirements. The EDGE Standard Edition is a system without limitations. Add new Properties and Units with a system you will never outgrow.

Customizable Screens (User Defined Fields)

Track any information with EDGE’s Unlimited User Defined fields for Owners, Properties, Units, Tenants and Vendors. You define the field type (Memo, Character, Numeric, Money, Date, Logical, etc.) You define the terminology.

Example: You can create a field to track Tenant License Plate numbers. You can find any Tenant by the License Plate number, and create reports to show Tenant parking spaces and License Plate information.

Advanced Reporting, which gives the ability to customize any report

All reports have an Advanced Reporting Button, which allows you to create a report to fit your individual needs. Each report can have multiple setups, and the setups can be saved for future use.

You can customize Fonts, Font Size, Portrait/Landscape orientation, and the fields that will print on the report. These fields can be added to, removed from and have the order changed. Powerful Commercial-Retail management features EDGE has several features that make it powerful management software for Commercial and Retail Properties. Lease Tracking and Processing, Percentage Rents, CAM Reconciliation, Pass Thru Charges, Automatic CPI Rent increases, Customizable Invoices, etc. There are several Commercial Property Management software competitors that charge $25,000 or more for software that does not have all the features EDGE has.

Credit Bureau Reporting

EDGE has an automated process to report tenant payment history for Credit Bureau reporting. Additional Financial Statement features Customizable Profit/Loss Statements with additional options for Percentage/Dollar variances, Cost per Unit, Percentage of Income, with last year and budget comparisons.

Automatic Payable Property Disbursement

Setup predefined percentages for Properties and the Payable window can automatically divide an Invoice for each Property’s share of the Invoice, saving you lots of data entry time. Deposit Batches per user You have options for payment entry deposit batches to be closed for all users in one deposit, or have deposits separated by users, making it easier for separate managers in your office to handle there own tenant payment deposits.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

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