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Domin-8 Enterprise Solutions

A developer of business management software designed for the real estate industry.

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This developer has been acquired by RealPage, Inc.


With over 20 years serving the property management industry, we know the challenges you face. We will help you succeed with a well run manageable company, based on the best software tools available.

Winning Edge Software Solutions has continually produced the finest software tools available in the real estate and loan servicing industries.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding value to our customers by supplying the finest software at the best prices.

From offering the latest in features to being the earliest to adapt to new operating systems, Winning Edge has looked further and reached deeper to deliver the best tools for our customer’s businesses.

You Will Have Help

An extensive help system is included so that your staff’s questions are quickly answered. The online help system includes the entire user manual and is context sensitive with additional helpful links.

No matter where you are in the system, definitions can be obtained for any item on the screen, and “how to” information is provided for the procedural task at hand. The entire help system is searchable by keyword or topic and bookmarks can be established for streamlined future reference.

Individual company procedures can be annotated within the help system to ensure your operations are carried out uniformly according to your company policies.

A System You Will Never Outgrow

As your company grows, Winning Edge Software Solutions provides solutions that grow with you.

The acquisition of new portfolios may bring new system requirements. Winning Edge Software Solutions is ready to meet the new challenges with a product line that is designed for operating environments of small peer-to-peer networks and large dedicated server network systems. Simply add more user licenses when they are needed.

Part of the Team

When you install our software you become a part of the Winning Edge Team. Your voice is heard and has a powerful impact that helps to shape and enrich our products.

We build relationships by working hard to earn our customers’ loyalty and trust. That’s why our products are consistently the first choice for demanding professionals - the world over!

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