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Diversified Technology Corporation (DTC)

A developer of business management software.

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Diversified Technology Corporation (DTC) is the power behind VUBâ„¢. A software developer and professional services firm located in Bloomsburg PA, we offer specialized billing solutions for both government entities and commercial utility companies.

Diversified Technology Corporation has assembled a broad array of software tools to help you and your staff work at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The range of software solutions covers most every aspect required to keep a municipal and utility office functioning at its best. This means one point of contact for your billing, remittance processing, accounting, payroll, and human relations software.

DTC is ready to assist in every stage of your implementation, from detailed project planning to hands-on training and ongoing support. Services include:

  • Consulting and Needs Analysis - Strategic Technology Planning - Budget Planning
  • Implementation Services - Data Conversion, Installation & Training
  • Software and Business Integration - Leveraging the Investment

We choose many years ago to focus on streamlining every process a busy billing office performs each month. We also decided that AccountMate, Sage and Intuit are all building excellent accounting systems, and spending millions of dollars a year keeping them up to date and competitive. We choose to work with them, not against them. In this capacity, we are a value add reseller for AccountMate and selected Sage products. We do not sell, but support QuickBooks software.

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