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Divalto Groupe

A developer of business management software.

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Divalto Group Activities

Established since 1982, Divalto Group provides:

  • Management solutions for all companies, whatever their size: from small startup companies to major corporations up to 5,000 employees, in every sector of the economy (manufacturing, distribution, services,…),
  • Mobility software for sales forces, service engineers and deliverymen,
  • A platform for collaborative work, documentary intranet and business process management.

A Worldwide Activity

Internationally present through:

  • The partner network,
  • The customers,
  • The Canadian subsidiary (Montreal) to provide North America,
  • The Brazilian subsidiary (Belo Horizonte) to provide Latin America.

ISO 9001 Certified

Divalto is ISO 9001 certified since 2009 for both its software development activity and the distribution process involving a partner-integrator network. Thanks to this certification, the Group relies on an internationally-validated standard to:

  • Reinforce its position as a modern and forward-looking company,
  • Guarantee high quality products and services to its customers.


Provide customers with new-tech products:

  • Without threatening their initial investments,
  • While keeping anticipating the market new needs.

Product Lines

Market Focus

Evaluations of Divalto Groupe products by market segment:

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