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Dillner's Accounting Tools

A developer of business management software designed for the professional services industry.

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Dillner’s Accounting Tools, Inc. is a technology company that provides technology products and support to accounting and payroll firms for their use and for the use of their clients. Primary products include:

  • Websites: Features unlimited client portals, employee portals, secure file transfer, payroll input, and other features that make them a critical means of leveraging the web in their communication with clients as well as being an effective marketing tool.
  • Client Writeup Software: Designed for high-speed, multi-client, heads-down processing, including highly efficient imports from popular client (QuickBooks, etc.) software, bank and credit card statements, as well as exports to popular tax software.
  • Payroll Software: Both for live and after-the-fact processing which is highly flexible and efficient including direct deposit, e-filing, magnetic media and many other professional level features.
  • Accounts Receivable Software: Designed for both repetitive and nonrepetitive billings including preauthorized automated payments using ACH and credit card electronic submissions.
  • Accounts Payable: Easy to use accounts payable item forward system.
  • Client Software: We provide our accounting clients with the ability to place highly configurable software in their clients’ offices which includes (depending upon configuration) the ability to write checks, manage payables, create invoices and manage receivables, and do their payroll and then export transactions to the accountant’s client Writeup software.

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