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This product has been acquired by ECi Software Solutions and rebranded to ECi e-automate.

e-Automate features a powerful and versatile inventory management system. This system is designed to track, organize, and monitor an unlimited number of inventory items. Items within your inventory can be associated with accessories, parts, supplies and drill-down ability (to show sub-components of assemblies). Automation of transfers, restocks and purchasing can be set up; this will increase your inventory turnover and profit, by ensuring you are never out of stock of items because of poor inventory monitoring. Each inventory item can be quickly added (by using user-defined templates) and assigned to one of multiple inventory item classifications (for tracking purposes).

Additionally, you can decide whether you want barcodes assigned to inventory items manually or automatically. Since this application interacts with the other e-Automate applications, vendor item costs are automatically updated. You are also given the ability to designate unique vendor item numbers, and track multiple vendors for each item. Within the inventory application you can set item substitutions and replacements; allowing you to replenish your inventory of a particular item if your primary vendor is out of stock. You are also able to cross reference a single item across multiple vendors to track costs and aid in procurement. e-Automate also allows you to test, set, and review multiple pricing structures. You are given the ability to price items by absolute dollar price, markup percentage, margin required, or percent of a default price. Setting LIFO/FIFO modes, allows you to view different cost layers. Each item can have unlimited price levels; and automatic allocation of freight or other charges can be incorporated into pricing.

No matter how big your company is, and how many warehouses you may have; e-Automate has the ability to handle your inventory control. In addition to supporting any number of warehouses, e-Automate can support an unlimited number of bins within each warehouse. By automating your inventory control, your staff will be given quick access to item location information and physical item counts. Upon counting your physical inventory if you notice a discrepancy, e-Automate allows for batch posting of physical inventory count adjustments.

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