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On the analytical world, queries can be a source of consuming time. Time lost waiting for answers is a productivity loss. As organizations amass more and more data, even basic queries can take a substantial amount of time. That’s why Axional Analytics is fully integrated with IBM Informix Warehouse Accelerator (aka IWA), the first columnar in-memory database that can scan tons of data in seconds.

Informix Warehouse Accelerator is a perfect system to implement datawarehouses. It provides extreme performance while removing most of the tuning required for traditional datawarehouse systems.

The Informix accelerator has this awesome key features:

  • Provide acceleration without manual tuning for each workload. No index to create, no index reorganization required, no statistics to collect, no partitioning, no tuning, no storage management.
  • Summary tables or materialized views are not needed, you can go directly with fact tables.
  • Scans billions of rows in milliseconds or seconds. the deep columnar data representation, query processing on compressed data voids the need of tuning.
  • Linear performance. The query performance depends on data volume not on query complexity.
  • Axional Analytics, also provides some key features that allow to work better and more integrated with Informix Warehouse System:
  • Automatic snapshot of ETL updated data to Warehouse Accelerator.
  • SQL Statement optimization to ensure IWA compatibility.
  • Warnings about queries with table or columns not present in datamart.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Axional Analytics on IBM IWA:

"Axional Analytics on IBM IWA" is part of the Axional Analytics Suite line of products, developed by Diester.