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Axional Analytics Suite

A business intelligence application designed by Diester.
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Every day, organizations create huge amounts of data related to their operations. However, even with all that data they don’t have a large amount of information. Axional Analytics is designed to convert data into usable information by allowing the aggregation of data and providing users with the information they need to make effective decisions about an organization’s strategic directions.

The Axional Analytics Suite comprises two tools: a Data Warehouse management tool and a ROLAP analytical tool for end users. With the combination of these tools, Axional Analytics can handle vast amounts of data, coming from multiple sources providing your company managers with a global insight to make timelier decisions.

With a Data warehouse your organizations will be able to answer “who” and “what” questions. The OLAP module take the next step by enabling answers to “what if” and “why” questions, enabling the decision making capabilities about future actions, and that is typically more complex than simply gathering data.

Functionality Modules

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Client Tools There are two different OLAP Clients providing an easy-to-use interface that will automatically retrieve and format data based on existing model definitions, for every query…

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