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Touch Screens are the way to go

While we can interface to almost any device—including dumb terminals, PC’s, bar code wands, scanners, card readers, and so forth—we believe touch screens offer the ideal method of shop intercommunication.

They are completely intuitive so that almost no training is needed. This eliminates the need to make typing clerks out of shop people. It also eliminates the one way communications of bar codes. Did the message get through OK?

Touch screens allow for interactive two way communications. As users log in, up to the minute schedule and job information can be displayed on the screen, including, complete job ticket with last minute changes. Customer information. Shipping information. Warnings about tight delivery schedules that vary in intensity with proximity of the due date.

The DHA data collection system like all DHA Software is very flexible. All menus are user programmable. Currently the system captures the following information:

Log-in time for each employee.

Logging into a job can be done by job number or by selection from a prioritized list of jobs set by production control. Workers simply point to the job and machine/operation they are starting. The system will capture start time for each machine and operation.

Departments can be defined to allow workers to run multiple machines simultaneously or limit them to a single operation.

Moving from one operation on a dedicated terminal to another simply involves pointing to the next activity (say makeready to run). On a group terminal, an employee points to their name to display a list of working tasks, points to the task, then the activity. It’s so simple anyone can do it with no practice.

Remarks can be added to tasks without typing by pointing to a list of common remarks (wavy paper, bad plate, etc). Each machine has it’s own menu listing. You create the menus. Messages can also be typed in on the touch keypad.

Breaks automatically suspend current activities.

Return from break automatically reinstates each activity. Break Time is logged to a break job.

Out for lunch like breaks, automatically suspends current activities.

Back from Lunch automatically restarts them.

End of day logs out all activities and records daily payroll time.

Any networked printer in the system can print daily time sheets for each employee to review and initial.

Manual changes can be made to any entry by supervisory people.

Manual entries can also be made from hand written time sheets for workers without access to Data Collection terminals.

On-Line Job Ticket with last minute changes.

New features

Last minute schedule changes.

On-Line mail and messaging system. When someone logs in messages can be left waiting for them. Messages can also be displayed on any terminal at any time.

Display will show scheduled jobs in the queue to allow advance planning by production people to “get ready” for the next task.

In addition to real time update of the scheduling system, the data collection system also captures all information for the Job Cost system, including employee, machine, operation. Job Cost allows direct comparison of estimated versus actual time and money for each individual machine.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Shop Floor:

"Shop Floor" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.