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DHA Shipping automates all the chores connected with printing package labels and shipping documents.

ShipTo addresses are added during Order Entry. Each customer can have an unlimited number of Ship To addresses. Existing addresses are easily located with just the street number. New addresses can be easily added.

You can create as many Shipments as you want against any job. Each Shipment can have as many batches as you want.

The Shipping Log tells you at a glance what has been shipped and what needs to be shipped and when.

You create a shipment. Enter the Quantity for the shipment and other details about the shipment (number per carton, samples, etc).

Delivery Receipts are formatted by easily modified and customized templates. You can have as many templates as you want. You can print images, even print your customers logo on any shipping document. We have several templates including a Bill of Lading.

Shipping and Box labels are also formatted by simple templates. You can use a label printer or flat sheets of multiple labels (the program will even as the starting position so you can print two labels, then reuse the sheet starting in position three. The template can tell the program which printer to use and ask you how many labels you want (of course it already knows the answer from the ship quantity and quantity per carton. It even knows how many are in the last carton. But it asks anyway so you can confirm.

DHA Shipping connects to UPS WorldShip. No need to enter anything in UPS (that would be duplicate data entry. We want to eliminate any duplicate effort). At the end of day we get back from UPS the tracking number and shipping cost. We automatically (you schedule the time) send the customer a shipping confirmation email with your logo and a tracking link.

You can use the same process for FedEx or any other shipper. Simply copy and paste the tracking number in the box on our shipping screen.

Shipping automatically adds the shipment to the Invoicing queue. Just select To Bill from the shipping log. Select the shipment and click the Invoice button. Invoice done. Just click print.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Shipping:

"Shipping" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.