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DHA Receiving logs all incoming materials.

Receiving simply selects the PO and line item for the received material. For inventory items the Received Quantity is automatically added to the appropriate Inventory to show the updated quantity on hand.

DHA Inventory has special Inventories for Ink and Paper Rolls and Sheets (see InkRolls).

For new Ink Cans the Receiving program will assign can numbers and print a bar coded label for each can.

For new Stock Rolls you just shoot the Bar Code label that came on the Roll. That will add the new Roll to the StockRolls Inventory.

For Stock Sheets and other material, the received quantity is automatically added to the appropriate Inventory and a bar coded Load Tag is generated to track the load (pallet, carton, box, whatever), and simplify Inventory Counts. Just go around and shoot the bar code labels on all the loads.

Receiving automatically clears the received items from the Purchase Order. The Purchase log shows which items have been received, and what has not. You can see what items are overdue.

Once all the items on a PO are received, the PO is automatically moved to the Approve for Payment queue.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Receiving:

"Receiving" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.