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Accounts Receivable Details

  • Integrates with other DHA Business Solution Software
  • Network support for all standard networks
  • All data files easily exported to ASCII
  • User designed invoices and statements
  • Data for future periods can be entered before current period closed
  • Customer list is an easy to use DHA MAIL file so you can print labels or letters anytime
  • Multiple tax codes on same invoice. Combine taxable and non-taxable items
  • Handwritten invoices easily entered.
  • Payments posted automatically cash module
  • Discounts or partial payments are no problem
  • Aged Receivables by 4 user defined periods
  • Balance of tub or individual account available anytime on screen or paper
  • Service charges on command

All the information you want

DHA Accounts Receivable produces invoices, maintains customer balances, and generates all the reports you need for sales tax management, aged account management, and sales analysis by customer, product, and sales person.

Invoices may be prepared automatically by the billing program or may be hand entered. As invoices are generated, the input goes to a temporary file to be checked for accuracy. Then the information is posted to several files depending on the transaction, with hard copy audit trails all along the way. Corrections can be made easily at any time before closing.

Easily adapted to your needs

Customer invoice templates can be easily modified so you can customize printing to your own form design. You’re not stuck with stock forms. You can even use blank paper.

The Billing program is readily tailored to fit individual needs. You can create 100 automatic descriptions with unit costs, and the billing system can be extended to include order entry, and can interface with Inventory.

Statements may be prepared by individual customer and allow user design, customized to your specific needs. They can be run on special forms or blank paper.

Accounts can be maintained as open invoices, account balance, or invoice balance forward. Integrated to save you work

DHA Receivables may be operated alone or integrated into a complete accounting system.

Payments entered in the Receivable system are automatically totaled and entered in the Cash system to match deposits. This allows easy reconciliation of the bank statement.

Clear easy to read reports

  • Aged trial balance report shows all customers with open invoices of 30, 60, 90 and 120 days with phone numbers for ease in calling overdue accounts. Balance and tub total can be quickly checked on the terminal.
  • Service charges may be automatically added to overdue balances.
  • Sales analysis is available by customer and salesman. Customer activity may be analyzed by last sale, number of invoices, average invoice, total dollar volume and percentage of total sales. Sales breakdown by individual salesman may be analyzed by number of invoices, average sale, sales item, terms, or total sales for period.
  • Customer Invoices - User formatted to fit existing forms or blank paper.
  • Sales Register - List invoices for any period. Run anytime you want.
  • Customer Sales Listing - Listing of all invoices by Customer, including date, description, and amount. Run anytime.
  • Sales Analysis - Analysis of customer activity by date of last invoice, number of invoices, average amount per invoice, total dollar amount, and percentage of total volume.
  • Salesman Listing - Sales by salesman for any period. Includes total sales, average sale, number of sales, item code, or terms.
  • Tax List - Sales listing by tax code. Provides tax breakdown by rate, number of items, sales tax and total sales. Shows total sales and total taxes for any period. Includes all information needed for sales tax returns.
  • Trial Statements - Shows all open invoices and payments. Check this report before printing customer statements.
  • Statements - User formatted to fit existing forms or blank paper. Include date of invoice, invoice number, description, charges, payments and balances on individual invoices and total due for period.
  • Aged Accounts Receivable - Shows customers with open invoices totaled in four user defined periods (like 30, 60, 90, and over) with phone number to expedite payment.
  • Payment History - Shows fastest, slowest, and average days to pay invoices.
  • Cash Flow Projection - Projected cash receipts based on payment history for 4 selected future dates.

Other Applications

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"Receivables" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.