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Accounts Payable Details

  • Accounting training not required. Full double entry accounting with no debits or credits.
  • Fully Integrated with other programs in the DHA System: JobCost, Bank, General Ledger, Inventory
  • Multi-user support for all standard networks.
  • All data files are easily exported to ASCII.
  • Vendor list is an easy to use DHA MAIL file so you can print labels or letters any time.
  • Maintains both payable expenses for current period and vendor status for all unpaid invoices.
  • One entry provides for expense, vendor status, cash discounts available, and cash projection.
  • Invoices can be flagged for automatic payment by category or date.
  • Automatically writes checks for regular payments. Payments can be setup for specific number of payments and automatically dropped when complete.
  • Supports cash and accrual basis accounting.

Simplify vendor bill paying

DHA Accounts Payable keeps track of the money owed to vendors, maintaining the current balance of all vendor accounts. DHA Payables also provides listings for automatic payment with the cash discounts available and posts payable expenses to the general ledger.

Vendor bills are entered into the system and charged to ledger or expense accounts. Credit memos can be entered as a normal bill with a minus amount. End of period reports provide expense listings and vendor status including aged payables. Accounts payable are normally closed into the general ledger to become part of the income statement and balance sheet.

Bills, payments, and adjustments are input to the system. At the end of any input session, a listing is run of the input date to check for accuracy and provide an audit trail.

Mark bills for auto-pay

During input, entries can be added to the AutoPay file and marked for a specific payment date to allow for automatic check writing.

Closing scans the current file and matches all payments to bills. If the vendor balance is zero, all items are moved to an old file. If a payment matches a bill, the two matching items are moved to the old file. All other items remain in a current file as open items. This closing has no effect on the current period expenses for the income statement, however the current payables tub total is run from this file.

Select the bills to pay

AutoRite selects items from the current file and displays them for the option of paying. All items selected for payment are put in a file for temporary storage. At the end of the selection process, the checks will be written automatically.

The Auto Pay system will scan the current Auto Pay file for selected items. The user can specify which categories he wishes to select. At the end of the selection process, each item selected will be displayed. The option is then available to pay or skip each item.

A date relative to the current system date is then selected. For example, you could pay all bills due in 30 days within 30 days. Or you could elect to pay them at an earlier or later date. A hard copy listing is provided of all items selected for automatic payment.

Write checks automatically

The system automatically processes all items and generate checks, automatically combining all items to each vendor on a single check.

For bills that are not in the AutoPay system, you can simply write a check. Checks to AP are posted automatically to the accounts payable file. You may also enter payments directly into the system without writing checks.

Clear Easy to Read Reports

  • Distribution - A listing of the current Payable Expenses are broken down by ledger account code. The report can be run as often as required.
  • Vendor List - A list of Payable Expenses for the current period listed by vendor. The report may be run as required.
  • Cash Discounts - A listing of available cash discounts with date required and the cumulative total cash needed to take them.
  • Vendor Status - A listing of the current status of all current bills and payments for each vendor.
  • Aged Payables - A listing giving 30, 60, 90 and over balances for all outstanding payables.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payables:

"Payables" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.