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DHA Order Entry

  • Prints Job Ticket automatically from Estimate. No re-entering job info. No typing. Just quantity, PO Number and special instructions.
  • Automated paper order all stocks needed for new jobs.
  • Inventory Scan for available paper
  • Prints PO for all buyouts
  • Job History Log - easy rerun lookup.
  • Document Printing for confirmation letters, delivery receipts, labels, etc.
  • Getting jobs into production and keeping track of them are two of the biggest challenges to any production control effort.

DHA Order Entry takes care of the first part of this process from writing the Job Ticket to making sure all the materials are ordered or available from inventory, to printing job documents like delivery receipts, to Automatic Invoicing when the job is finished.

Docket Writing

The Docket Writing module eliminates the bottleneck of getting dockets written. Simply select the estimate number, and a docket with paper cut order are automatically produced. The job is automatically added to the history log.

Job History Log

The Job Log contains important information about each job. Quantity, Description, Colors, Parts, Job Category, Due Date, PO Number, and after the fact shipping and billing information.

You can find jobs by customer, sales rep, any word of the description, or PO number.

Jobs can be listed on paper or viewed on the screen. On a networked system, anyone in the plant can easily find any job and check the current status. Completed jobs are marked with the invoice number, shipping date, final quantity, and invoice amount.

The log also makes sure all jobs are properly billed.


  • Unbilled Jobs - Any job not yet invoiced by date range or sales rep.
  • Shipping Log - All jobs due on a particular date. Used for job tracking in smaller shops.
  • Late Jobs - Not shipped by due date.
  • Not Shipped - All jobs still in process.
  • Orders Booked - By date range.
  • Complete by Date - By date range.

Paper Ordering

Part of getting the job started right is making sure the paper will be available at the right time.

The Paper Order process lists stock required for all new orders and prints fax list orders with vendor stock code. The program also searches the paper inventory to see if stock is available.

Buyout Purchase Orders

You can automatically print Purchase Orders for each buyout in the Estimate.

Purchase Orders allocate costs to the Job Cost file so the job can be costed and billed without waiting for the actual invoice. It’s important here to enforce a policy that you will only pay the amount on the PO at the time the job is delivered to your dock.

Document Printing

You can print just about any job document you can get in the printer. Use any format you want. Use pre-printed forms or blank paper. Easy to modify templates control the printing layout. Print graphics and logos.

Ready to use templates include Order Confirmation, Shipping Labels, Delivery Receipt, Packing List. Box Labels, Etc.

You can modify these templates and create more of your own. As new jobs are entered in the system they go first to a temporary file so you can print documents for all the new jobs just by pushing one button. After the jobs are posted to the master file, you can print or reprint documents for any job by number.

Automatic Invoicing

The invoice shell is automatically filled in when the job is first entered in the system. You can view the invoice and make additions and modifications any time.

When the job is finished and ready to bill, just enter the job number and the invoice is on the screen for viewing, additions, or modifications. You can add items, text descriptions, etc. Sales tax is added automatically. Each line of the invoice can have a different tax code, so you can mix taxable and non-taxable items on one invoice.

Hit a single key to print the invoice, and you have the option to post the invoice to the Accounts Receivable module.

You can reprint the invoice any time.

Invoice format is controlled by an easy to modify template, so you can use blank paper or any invoice form you want.

There are template codes to add cash discount lines and due dates, multiple copies with marginal words, and much more.

Other Order Entry Options

Orders can be entered using various combinations of entering orders using standard product inventory, or custom manufactured products using standard materials and formats. Typically these systems can include some production control as well as automatic billing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry:

"Order Entry" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.