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General Ledger Detail

DHA General Ledger maintains the General Ledger and the Income Statement files. Subsidiary journals are closed into the ledger to make most of the ledger posting automatic. Journal entries are used for transactions that are not processed in other modules of the DHA General Accounting Series. Journal entries are automatically self balancing.

  • Accounting training not required. Full double entry accounting system with no debits or credits.
  • Plenty of on-line context sensitive help screens.
  • Integrates with other programs in the DHA Business Solution Software Series, * Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management..
  • Multi-user support for all standard networks.
  • Data files easily exported to ASCII.
  • Produces income statements and balance sheets using input from the Cash Management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable systems.
  • Any number of banks or other accounts can be combined or split to produce almost any kind of consolidation or departmental breakdown.
  • Automatic posting of recurring journal entries.
  • Most transactions are entered automatically from other modules of the General Accounting Series, so accuracy is assured.
  • Journal entries offset automatically as they are entered. Being out of balance is nearly impossible.
  • Simple automatic closing even for multiple banks.
  • Combine multiple companies or spit departments
  • Extensive transaction guide covers most unusual transactions that are likely to give trouble.
  • Up to 13 periods may be maintained in the income statement.
  • Statements may be prepared monthly, quarterly, yearly or as required.

Everything is automatic

Transactions from the bank, payables, and receivables are condensed to sub-totals and maintained in the ledger as a single entry for all the transactions for each period. You can let these entries accumulate for the entire year or you can run a balance forward to eliminate the detail, making a single entry for the balance at the time the balance forward was run.

Using the suggested chart of accounts, codes are assigned to each expense account and ledger account. Two letters are used to identify the account. A third letter may be used to departmentalize expenses or to subdivide ledger accounts. This unique feature of the DHA Ledger allows ledger codes you can remember, like ADM for Advertising Direct - Mail. Numerical codes are also available, with 4 digits and a 2 digit sub-account (9999.99).

Format your own statements

Income statements and balance sheets may be customized to your own personal needs simply by modifying the control file template.

The system avoids the use of debits/credits because they are confusing for non-accountants. All account balances are kept as positive balances. To increase the account balance, a plus(+) sign is used. To decrease the balance, a minus(-) sign is used. You can, however, cause liabilities to be printed as normally negative amounts if desired.

Most of the system entries are posted automatically from cash, receivables, and payables. Both the main entry and the offsets are taken care of automatically.

Changes in format to the balance sheet and income statement are easily made permitting several statement formats for different purposes. For example, one report might have all the detail, another only subtotals.


  • Trial Balance - Shows all ledger transactions for the period, journal entries, cash, receivables, and payables. The last page shows assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and amount out of balance.
  • Income Statement - Current period income compared to year-to-date, budget period, or any previous period. Percentages can be percent of sales or gross margin. Income statements may be run for any previous period at any time.
  • Net Change Balance Sheet - Shows only changes in balance sheet during current period.
  • Net Change Ledger - Shows all ledger transactions for current period.
  • Balance Sheet - Complete balance sheet showing all assets and liabilities.
  • Ledger - Complete listing of all ledger accounts. Balance forward can be run at any time to eliminate detail, or detail can be kept until the end of the year.
  • Account Listing - Alphabetical (or numerical) listing of all account codes showing balance sheet or income

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.