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Six ways to do estimates

  • Full Estimate: All options. All possibilities. All complexities.
  • QuickEst: Skips unneeded questions for routine jobs.
  • ZipEst: Select from your own library of stock estimates. You get an instant estimate, instant quote letter, instant job ticket. Full specs and time & material requirements. Just very fast. And easy.
  • Manual: You select anything you want. Build from scratch.
  • Clone: Copy any estimate and make changes.
  • Projects: Combine any number of jobs into a project. Print quote letter, write job tickets and print invoices for the entire project all with just a few clicks.

DHA Estimating: Fast, Flexible, Powerful

You focus on the customer and the job without getting your hands dirty. DHA Estimating does all the dirty work for you. DHA asks you questions about the job so you don’t forget anything. Gives you more ways to modify estimates. Add delete items or parts, change prices or quantities for any production item. Change markups. Add buyouts. Make your own specialty price tables for anything you want. Read all the details below. Check out the demo videos.

DHA Estimating takes guesswork and calculation errors out of estimating. Estimates that once took hours are now done in minutes—most in under 3 minutes, start to finish. You get an in-house copy of estimates with cost, time required for each operation, and imposition details, a quote letter with Specs and final prices.

Eliminate calculation errors

Program asks for job specs. Operations are selected automatically, You can override any selection, or you can manually select any operation. Sales and customer service people can easily enter quotes. Popup menus everywhere and default values speed input and minimize typing. You can almost create an entire estimate just by hitting the enter key.

Job Type determines which questions are asked. Never any irrelevant input. Only questions related to job type.

All questions and input are at the bottom of the screen. You never move the cursor. All job specifications are on easy to change edit screens.

Single key responses and default answers to most questions almost eliminate typing.

Quotes can be cloned, modified, and recalculated as often as you like. Change specs and the quote letter can be recreated and price recalculated with just a click or two of the mouse.

Maintain a library of stock quotes. Just clone them, change the name and quantities (or anything else you want) and you’re done in just seconds.

Price tables give you precise control over cost and prices.

You can create your own price tables for non-standard operations, and use them manually, or we can incorporate them into the program for you (or show you how to do it yourself).

Clone or revise existing estimates.

Estimate log for easy lookup by customer, sales rep, any part of description.

Won Lost analysis to see what jobs you’re missing.

Integrated seamlessly with other DHA software

Single key responses and default answers to most questions almost eliminate typing.

The system allows you to take specifications over the phone and enter them directly into the computer. If the customer is in a hurry you can calculate the price on the spot, or you can come back later and finish the estimate, picking up where you left off.

Sales people or secretaries can take job specs, and even calculate routine jobs, leaving the estimator free to review quotes and concentrate on more complex and profitable activity.

DHA Estimating: Powerful

Most estimating programs are little more than electronic calculators. You figure time and materials and tell the machine. It just adds numbers and gives you totals. You enter the job specifications, DHA Estimating actually tells you how many plates and negs are needed. You won’t overlook anything,

You can have the estimate done automatically or select difficulty levels for each operation. You always have complete control over everything. You can modify prices and quantities or add special items at any time.

DHA Estimating: Fast

You can re-calculate jobs using different machines to find the most economical layout. Which method costs less. Which takes less time. How does it affect paper and bindery costs. You can have the answers almost as quickly as you can ask the question.

DHA Estimating: Flexible

Every one has their own way of costing and pricing. DHA Estimating adapts to your way of working. You don’t need to make any changes in your system.

You set your own standard shop markup for paper, buyouts, and overall job markup. Vary the markups for each job or quantity, then add a sales markup at the end. You can set a different default markup for each customer.

  • Set your own prices for all standard functions. Create your own price tables for specialized operations.
  • Discount tables allow lower prices for longer runs automatically.
  • You’ll never outgrow DHA Estimating. No limit on the number of machines or price tables or estimates. The system integrates with other DHA software.

DHA Estimating programs are designed to be easily customized to exactly fit your needs and requirements. New machines and operations can be easily added to the automatic selection process.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimating:

"Estimating" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.