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DHA Cash Management - Banks

  • Gives you complete control over cash in and out.
  • No limit to the number of bank accounts.
  • Reconcile petty cash and credit cards
  • Accounting training not required.
  • Full double entry accounting system with no debits or credits.
  • Integrates with other programs in the DHA Business Solution Software series.
  • Multi user support for all standard networks.
  • All data files easily exported to ASCII
  • Customer list is an easy to use DHA MAIL file so you can print labels or letters any time.
  • Prints checks with itemized account breakdown.
  • Pay multiple invoices on the one check.
  • Discounts and text messages included on checks.
  • System automatically totals and writes check.
  • Automatically posts to cash journal and Ledger.
  • Automatic reconciliation of bank statement.
  • View current bank balance on screen anytime.
  • Provides for hand input of checks and deposits.
  • Check register indicates missing and void checks.
  • Listing of checks by vendor and account.
  • Easy to void checks.
  • Impossible to “lose” cash anywhere in the system.

The two major functions of the cash system are keeping track of monthly bank transactions for the general ledger and keeping a running file of open checks for automatic bank reconciliation.

All input goes first to a temporary bank file, so you can check accuracy and make corrections. Transactions are then posted to the bank files.

Checks and deposits are entered, and old items are closed during reconciliation.

Prints checks quickly and easily

DHA uses standard checks printed with your bank numbers and name. Checks can be printed by your bank or any other local forms supplier. Suitable checks are also available from mail order vendors. (NEBS #9025, Deluxe #1004, etc).

Vendor names and addresses are in a DHA MAIL file, and are accessed by a simple letter code. (The vendor file can also be used to print 1099 forms, labels, or letters). You can write a check to a one time vendor simply by entering the name and address.

Automatic bank reconciliation

There are two separate balances maintained by the bank system. The running bank balance contains a record for each check and deposit entered into the system. The purpose of this file is to provided current balance and reconciliation of the bank statement. This balance file has no effect on the monthly accumulation of cash activity for the General Ledger.

Cash expenses and deposits for the current period are in a separate file. This file contains an entry for each check and deposit entered during the current accounting period. This file is used to generate the check register and the distribution of cash to the general ledger. Check registers can be run as often as necessary. Distribution listings can also be run as often as required, and you can combine all the monthly files to generate a check register and distribution for the full year.

If you are using the DHA Accounts Receivable program, most deposits will be made in AR and will automatically be posted to the bank. Without the AR program, AR payments are entered in the bank as any other deposit. For non-receivable deposits, an entry will automatically be made to the general ledger cash account when the ledger is closed.


  • Checks - Standard computer checks printed with your bank numbers and bank name.
  • Check Register - Numerical listing of all checks in the current bank file. An asterisk indicates missing or double numbers.
  • Deposit Listing - Listing of all deposits in the current bank file.
  • Distribution - A listing of checks distributed by account with vendor subtotals.
  • Vendor Listing - A listing of checks distributed by payee.
  • Bank Balance - Current bank balance. Instantly available at anytime either on screen or as hard copy.
  • Open Item List - List of all checks/deposits not yet reconciled to the bank statement.
  • Bank Reconcile - Report of checks and deposits cleared with statement balances.

Other Applications

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"Cash" is part of the DHA line of products, developed by DHA Systems & Software.