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DHA Systems & Software

A developer of business management software.

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What we do

In the last 20 years we’ve covered the gamut of computer related services to help our clients use computers to manage their business. As the times change, our focus changes with it. However, our core competency remains - using computers to solve business and management problems.

Over the years we’ve done everything from creating simple software solutions to complex problems to building hardware for networks, desktops, and even a digital audio storage system to capture radio spots delivered via satellite.

We used to sell turnkey systems back in the days when you needed serious techie-geeks to put networks and even desktop computers together. Today, almost anyone can buy several computers and network them without a degree in computer science.

We’ve made the transition by advising customers about what to buy and where. It makes better economic sense for them. More importantly, as computers become more central to the entire business operation, we think it almost a necessity to develop internal skills to manage the computer systems. So we train users to manage their own networks rather pay outside services, even if it’s us.

So while we work ourselves out of one job, we always find plenty of work in another.

If your business is heavily dependent on computers and could benefit from software that was just a bit better suited to your needs we might be part of the solution.

Who we work for

While we know the printing industry and focus primarily on the needs of Commercial Printers, Trade Finishers, and Trade Binderies, we can and do serve other industries.

Our system is designed for Custom Manufacturing, so most of our software works well in any job shop environment. Only the front end of the estimating piece needs to be changed.

Over the years we’ve been involved in a number of different industries from Cabinet Door manufacturing to Radio Commercial Delivery.

We are primarily interested in building lasting relationships. Not that we want our hands in your pocket forever, but we much prefer to do business with people we like a lot.

We work with both power users and novices. Power users like the power features and flexibility. Novices like the easy-to-use part. Both challenge us to make better software that is more powerful and easier to use.

Stock or Custom

DHA gives you the best of both worlds.

Over the past 25 years or so we’ve written a ton of software. I don’t know if it’s a metric ton. We haven’t kept that close track, but we’ve tackled a wide range of projects so we have a lot of great code in addition to the software described on this site.

Perhaps we have something that might fit one of your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask.

Here are just a few projects we’ve done over the years.

Order Entry systems for Flexo Labels, Radio Commercial delivery, cabinet door manufacturer. We also convert email orders into jobs.

Web Services - Our SQLMan synchronizes an SQL database on the web with the working database on the local network. Our UpLoadMan uploads audio and video files for customers. Emails give the customers links to their files.

We can make a computer tap dance if you want.

We’ve been involved with hardware and building computers from the beginning, so we’re good at making hardware do whatever we want. The Audio Storage device project involved designing and building special computers to record and play audio simultaneously, then sending signals to control specific computers over a satellite network telling them to record, then it sent audio. Then told them to stop recording. Users could select audio from a touch screen.

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