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Spectrum’s Payroll module is designed to meet the very unique requirements of the Construction Industry. Within the same pay period, multiple pay rates, multiple states, and multiple union fringes may be handled in order to efficiently process a payroll cycle. Spectrum’s Payroll system not only tracks the direct cost of labor, but it calculates all of the employer taxes, union benefits, fringe benefits, and allocation of other overhead, such as G & A expenses, small tools, and hours of equipment usage. The time card entry allows unlimited job and phase distributions with multiple pay rates per employee and per union.

A virtually unlimited number and variety of individual payroll requirements are available. Garnishments, 401Ks, cafeteria plans, and employee purchases are some examples. The structure of these deductions or add-ons is user-defined for maximum flexibility. The tax effects for each variable are also user-defined. Reporting provides a detailed history of all transactions.

The entire payroll process is handled efficiently, and includes quarterly tax reports, certified reports, union reports, and EEOC reports - which are automatically generated.


  • Change the auto-deposit status of a new employee, even when checks are in progress, when a new employee is being added via the New Employee Code window (which defaults to Add mode). Changes to the auto-deposit status of all other employees are prevented when checks are in progress.
  • In Payroll and Accounts Payable Payment Processing, if duplicate check numbers are found during printing, users must reprint the checks before the Payroll | Payment Processing cycle can be updated.
  • Users can specify a bank account for the cycle when the Cash Management module is installed and the ‘Post payroll transactions’ check box is selected in the Cash Management Installation screen.
  • The Layoff Check Entry, Pre-Time Card Entry by Employee, and Time Card Entry by Employee screens allows users to specify a different payroll cycle bank account for manual checks.
  • The Pre-Time Card Import supports special pay types: Special Amount (SA), Commission (C), Miscellaneous (M), or other pay types 1, 2, and 3.
  • The Pre-Time Card Edit List screen offers the ability to sort by batch code and by department, along with a summary version of the sort by employee format. Likewise, the Time Card Edit List offers the ability to sort by employee and by department, along with a summary version of the sort by employee format.
  • The Check Print screen has the ability to save filters. If this is the first check run, then only the ‘Print options’, ‘File copy’, ‘Auto deposit check format’, and ‘Spoiled checks’ values will be saved/loaded from a filter.
  • Fast and efficient time card entry only allows job distribution to WIP accounts.
  • All employer taxes and burdens are calculated. Full union reporting with fringes, multiple pay rates, and multiple states and locations is supported.
  • Multi-state work is shown at the line item level on time card / pay stub. Unlimited state, county, and local taxes are supported.
  • Employee change log tracks any changes to employee’s data.
  • Dates of hire, rehire, termination, pay rate, and review are maintained.
  • Employees and equipment can be set up ‘on the fly’ throughout the system.
  • W-2 and W-3 forms can be printed any time after year-end.
  • I-9 reporting is supported.
  • Payroll checks include multiple pay rates and deduction detail.
  • Layoff paychecks can be calculated any time so that a manual check can be prepared.
  • Repeated re-computation of current period payroll is possible. Voided checks will reverse in GL and JC automatically, as well as actual employer taxes.
  • Check reconciliation is included.
  • All tax reports can be printed for any period or quarter.
  • EEOC reporting is fully supported.
  • Labor totals can be distributed to an unlimited number of GL accounts.
  • 941 report is identical to actual government form; automatic deposit is supported.
  • Time card entry integrates with Equipment Control for both hours used and repairs. Pre-time card entry is supported; this information appears in Equipment Control, Time + Material, and Job Cost.
  • Time card entry can be uploaded from ASCII text file.
  • Payroll is completely integrated with Project Management, Document Imaging, Human Resources, Mobile Computing, General Ledger, Job Cost, Job Site Processing, Preventive Maintenance (hours used), Accounts Payable, Equipment Control, Equipment Tracking, Time + Material, Cash Management, and Confidential Payroll modules, which reduces input time and ensures accuracy.
  • Certified payroll reports can be printed for any period.

Inquiry Screens

  • Employee Earnings History Inquiry
  • Time Card History Inquiry
  • Employee Inquiry
  • Remarks Inquiry


Employee Earnings History Report: Provides historical information on all personnel regular and overtime earnings, FIT, FICA, and other taxes. This report can be printed in summary for each employee, or in detail on every check stub printed for each employee. It may be generated from any pay period through any pay period.

Certified Payroll Report: Computes the regular and overtime hours for each employee for every certified job. Employee earnings, taxes, union deductions, and other deductions are also listed per the certification reporting requirements.

Union Report: Shows monthly hours, fringe rates, union deductions, and totals for each union employee, as required for union reporting. This report can also be used for non-union contractors who must pay union benefits to their employees.

Employment Utilization Report: Tracks all the necessary EEOC reporting by job and work class. This report is identical to the required government report, with the hours worked by minority class, minority percentage, and total number of employees.

Other Payroll Reports

  • State Wage and Tax Listing
  • Worker’s Compensation Reports
  • Unemployment Tax Report
  • Quarterly Federal Tax Reports
  • Quarterly State, County, and Local Tax Report
  • State Disability Report
  • State Tax History Report
  • State History Trial Balance
  • W-2 Form Listing
  • W-2 Form
  • W-3 Form
  • GL Summary Report
  • GL Distribution Report
  • Job/Wage Code Summary
  • Payroll Trial Balance Report
  • Pre-Check Register
  • Check Register
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Check Reconciliation File Listing
  • Job Distribution Report
  • Labor Distribution Report
  • Payroll Checks
  • Layoff Checks
  • Replacement Checks
  • Manual Check Log
  • Auto-Deposit Check Log
  • Time Card History Report
  • MTD/QTD/YTD Payroll Register
  • Earnings Register
  • Time Card Edit Listing
  • Pre-Time Card Edit Listing
  • Overtime Edit Listing
  • Deduction History Listing
  • Add-on History Listing
  • Employee and Other File Listing
  • Non-union Pay Group Listing
  • Union File Listing
  • Union Reports
  • Employee Deduction Listing
  • Deduction Report
  • Add-on Report
  • Employee Change Log
  • Seniority Report
  • New Hire/Terminated Report
  • Supervisor/Employee Report
  • Employee/Spouse Birthday List
  • Retro Pay Allocation History Report
  • Merge Add-on/Deduction Code Listing
  • Change Employee Code Listing
  • Employee User-Defined Fields Listing
  • Electronic Data File Report
  • Electronic File Table Listing
  • Electronic Category Group Listing
  • Electronic File Formula Listing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll:

"Payroll" is part of the Spectrum Construction Management Software line of products, developed by Dexter + Chaney.