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Spectrum’s Job Cost module provides project managers, controllers, and owners with all the information necessary to keep jobs on track and spot any potential cost overruns.

Accurate and timely monitoring of job costs and profitability can make or break any company. Job Cost provides an easy way of monitoring profitability on any job with completely up-to-date information. Tight integration with other Spectrum™ modules allows updates to Job Cost virtually as soon as information is entered into other modules. For example, daily time card entry in Payroll ensures accurate labor costs at all times.

Online analysis of costs and income is easily done at any point during the life of a project. A variety of inquiry screens allow the project manager to view information immediately, without having to print reports.


  • The Projected Cost Entry screen offers users the ability to project by dollars, hours, dollars per hour, quantity, dollars per unit or units per hour.
  • A new Proposed Job Maintenance screen on the Job Cost Maintenance menu helps track current proposals, including future expected profit before a job is set up.
  • A JTD Contract Status Report is on the list of Contract Status Report formats.
  • Allows different types of cost breakdowns for each job if desired. Cost projections at completion are calculated using any combination of four models: direct entry of projections, cost to complete, percent complete, and quantities installed to date.
  • Owner billing item and cost code can be limited to multiple phases, allowing cost and revenue analysis throughout the job.
  • Four pricing methods: Fixed Bid, Time + Material, Cost Plus, and Unit Cost.
  • Optional GL account validation by cost type and division.
  • Quick job setup allows you to use user-defined template to set up similar jobs and number automatically.
  • Offers a comprehensive job-based operator security feature. This can control access by individual job. For example, a given project manager may only look at the jobs he or she is responsible for.
  • Monthly job and phase activity totals maintained.
  • Contract status reports produce complete WIP schedules.
  • Ability to track earned revenue.
  • Quantity tracking is fully supported and unit costs are provided in both inquiries and report.
  • Productivity reports measure actual work performance vs. estimate.
  • Projected cost at completion can be reviewed by job, phase, or cost type. Original contract amount and change orders are tracked.
  • Cost types are user-defined and can be set up for each job phase.
  • Super Select feature allows reports to be specified using “wild-card” searches across a broad range of criteria including job, phase, cost type, division, project manager, estimator, superintendent, vendor, employee code, and item code.
  • Phase field lengths (up to 12 characters and alphanumeric) may be user-defined on a job-by-job basis.
  • Flexible job phase setup allows for two levels of subtotaling on reports.
  • Reports and inquiry screens can be displayed with projected cost or actual cost vs. estimated cost.
  • Costs of proposed, approved and executed change orders can be identified separately. Profitability of proposed change orders can be easily determined.
  • Committed costs from PO, Subcontracts, and Inventory Requisitions are fully tracked.
  • Payroll burdens can be posted using an actual or percentage basis.
  • User-defined fields may be set up in job and phase.
  • Many look-up windows are available throughout the module as a quick way to access information available through reports.
  • Spreadsheet type entry of projected costs allows for fast input and calculation.
  • An Export to MS Project allows Microsoft Project information to be updated from current Spectrum phase, employee, and equipment information.
  • Job Cost is completely integrated with Project Management, Document Imaging, General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Equipment Control, Time + Material, Work Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Control, Cash Management, Esti-Link, Scale Interface, Equipment Tracking, Confidential Payroll, and Small Tools modules, which reduces input time and ensures accuracy.

Inquiry Screens

  • Job Overview Inquiry
  • Job History Inquiry
  • Job Cost Inquiry
  • Billing Item Inquiry
  • Productivity Inquiry
  • Job Unit Cost Inquiry
  • Subcontract Inquiry by Job
  • Historical Analysis Inquiry Reports

Job Cost Analysis Report: Provides job-to-date comparison of committed and estimated costs, broken down by phase and cost type. The report can be printed with projected costs for comparison. The weekly, monthly, and yearly costs are also available for analysis. Unlimited job and phase notes may be included.

Job Profitability Report: Provides a quick summary of the actual, projected, and estimated profit and profit percentage for each job. This report can also analyze the overall profitability by project manager.

Contract Status Report: Generates a complete Work-in-Progress report for all current and completed jobs in the current year. This report meets and exceeds all financial and bonding requirements. A complete picture of projected, job-to-date, year-to-date, and month-to-date billings, plus costs, profits, and over/under billings is presented.

Other Job Cost Reports

  • Job Cost GL Detail Report
  • Earned Revenue Journal
  • Job Overview Report
  • Job Profitability Report
  • Job Cost Analysis Report
  • Job Cost Projected Report
  • Job Cost Trial Balance
  • Job Comparison Report
  • Quantity Complete Report
  • Quantity History Report
  • Quantity Complete Worksheet
  • Job Summary Cost Report
  • Job Cost Transaction Report
  • Job Cost History Report
  • Job Billing Analysis Report
  • Job History Billing Report
  • Billing Item Analysis Report
  • Projected Cost Report
  • Standard Contract Status Report
  • Expanded Contract Status Report
  • Job Cost Type Summary Report
  • Job Unit Cost Report
  • Job Cost Billing History Report
  • Job Cost Billing Transaction
  • Projected Cost Worksheet
  • Payroll Hours Analysis Report
  • Job Productivity Report
  • Labor Analysis Report
  • Committed Cost Trial Balance
  • Cost Variance Report
  • Hours Variance Report
  • Job File Listings
  • Phase File Listings
  • Cost Type Listing
  • Standard Group/Phase Listings
  • Overhead Allocation Listing,/li>
  • Tax Classification Listing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Cost:

"Job Cost" is part of the Spectrum Construction Management Software line of products, developed by Dexter + Chaney.