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Dexter + Chaney’s Human Resources Module automates the process of employee management. From recruitment to retirement, Spectrum Construction Software provides comprehensive and flexible human resources (HR) solution designed for contractors.

Human Resources offers true flexibility so contactors can tailor employee record keeping to fit their unique needs and remain in compliance. Track applicants; set up new employees; document employee reviews, skills, and certification; make salary adjustments; record drug testing results; track OSHA and safety requirements; set up employee benefits; track vacation accruals; and much more. Unlimited user-defined fields allow contractors to customize the software to meet their individual HR needs.

Integration for Spectrum’s Document Imaging further streamlines HR processes by making documents available with a simple click of the mouse. Paper documents such as applications, performance reviews, drug and skills testing results, and L&I accident reports are scanned into Spectrum where they are automatically attached to specific events and employees.

Once scanned, a document becomes a permanent part of the contractor’s HR database. Spectrum automatically indexes all scanned documents for instant retrieval and usage. Images can be annotated, printed, faxed, or e-mailed directly from Spectrum.

Software triggers within Human Resources provide a powerful tool for users to automate specific actions such as warnings, e-mail notifications, and updates to data fields. Triggers can be used to warn of empty vacation hour banks, driver’s license dates expiring, and many other purposes.

Flexible, multi-level security features give the Human Resources administrator complete field-by-field control over who is able to view and/or edit employee data. Employee confidentiality is ensured and those who are authorized have access to the specific information they need.

Integration with Payroll, accounting, and Document Imaging, along with user-defined customization and multi-level security, make Dexter + Chaney’s Human Resources Module a logical choice for contractors seeking to streamline HR.


  • A SuperSelect search field on the Applicant Tracking and Employee Management screens. This field searches using the applicant code or the employee code, respectively.
  • Dexter + Chaney’s Human Resource Module offers an organized way to set up new employees, document employee reviews, perform salary adjustments, track applicants, track drug tests, track OSHA and safety requirements, perform skills and certification reporting, set up employee benefits, track vacation accruals, and much more. Operators can set up many user-defined features, such as questionnaire forms, mail-merge forms, triggers, and employee access screens.
  • Unlimited user-defined fields allow users to define alphabetic, numeric, and date fields with optional validation. There are no restrictions on the number of dates versus numeric versus alphabetic fields, and the ability to set the status to ‘Active’ or ‘Not used’ has been included. In addition, this feature allows users to track the history of all changes to these fields.
  • The Employee Management screen is the complete source for accessing all personnel information. Fourteen different editing tabs provide access to review forms, training logs, auto deposit information, employee earnings history, the history log that tracks changes to the employee file, and more.
  • The Properties tab displays all of the information that can also be set up in the Payroll module and allows the display of an image file for each employee, such as an employee picture. The ability to reference the path and file name of other files that could be referenced to this employee (original resume, reference letters, and so forth) is also available. The ‘Financials’ and ‘Taxes’ windows are identical to those found in the Payroll module.
  • User-defined Triggers allow users to set up warnings, e-mail notifications, and automatic updates to other data fields. Triggers can be used to warn of vacation hour banks going to zero, I-9 dates expiring, driver license dates expiring, incomplete employee fields during setup (for example, Social Security number, birthdate, or hire date), and many other user-defined purposes.
  • The Recurring Benefits feature allows users to set up and manage eligibility requirements for benefits. The Benefit Management function allows users to change the benefit limits and rates for a selected group of employees (for example, highly-compensated 401(k) limits).
  • The Rate Management screen allows users to make pay rate adjustments from one screen. The system automatically logs any changes in the salary history log for each employee. When changes are saved in the system, the Payroll change log and the Human Resources salary log are automatically updated. In addition, new and previous pay rates are updated in the employee master file. This is an easy and effective way to maintain the employee (salary or hourly) pay rates in the system.
  • The Vacation / Holiday / Sick Accrual feature allows users to accrue vacation, holiday, and sick dollar amounts and post them to the General Ledger. The accrual codes for calculating the hourly balances have been available in the Payroll module for years, but now users can calculate the dollar impact of these accruals for the General Ledger module by multiplying the hourly balances by the employee pay rates with an additional percentage burden.
  • Human Resources is integrated with the Payroll, Document Imaging, and General Ledger modules, which decreases data entry time and ensures accuracy.

Inquiry Screens

  • Employee History
  • Skills / Certification
  • Item Requisition
  • Safety / OSHA
  • Benefit Management
  • Employee Civic/Legal/Other
  • Employee Drug and Alcohol
  • Crew Assignment


Employee History Report: Use the Employee History Report to print event history information for a selected employee or group of employees. This report can be printed as needed to review employee activity, including information such as auto-deposit activity and , for a select period of time.

Skills/Certification Report: Use this screen to print a report of training/certification skill history. Use the Selections portion of the screen to select who you want to appear on the report according to employee code, job title, department, and so forth. Use the Skill selection portion of the screen to select up to four training/certification codes that you want to appear on the report.

Vac/Hol/Sick G/L Accrual History Report: Use the Vac/Hol/Sick G/L Accrual History screen to print vacation, holiday, and sick benefit accrual information for an employee or group of selected employees.

OSHA Forms: Use the OSHA Forms screen to select the type of OSHA forms you want to print or preview. Spectrum supports OSHA form 300, 300A and 301. You also have the option to print blank forms to complete manually.

Safety Report: Use the Safety / OSHA Report screen to print a report of safety / OSHA incidents. The fields available on this screen enable you to define which safety / OSHA incidents you want to include on the report.

Benefit Management Report: Use the Benefit Management Report screen to print a report of employee benefit information. This report can be printed for a select employee or for a group of employees.

Overdue Items Report: Use the Overdue Items Report screen to print a listing of items that are past due for return by an employee or group of employees.

Item Requisition Report: Use the Item Requisition Report screen to print a listing of item tracking requisitions.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Report: Use the Employee Drug and Alcohol Report screen to print a listing of items that are past due for return by an employee or group of employees.

Employee FMLA Report: Use this screen to select the FMLA information you want to print on the Employee FMLA Report.

Forms Report: Use this screen to print a copy of a questionnaire or mail-merge form for a selected employee/form combination. Provides a complete listing of specific job cost transactions. More than a dozen selection criterion make the report extremely flexible. Document Imaging produces a hyper-link to each image reference in the report. Clink on the link to see the image. The Create CD feature enables the user to build a CD with the report and all the associated images.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Human Resources:

"Human Resources" is part of the Spectrum Construction Management Software line of products, developed by Dexter + Chaney.