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Spectrum’s Accounts Receivable module is designed for the construction industry. The wide variety of contract and payment types are easy to understand and handle with the system. Complete integration with other Spectrum modules ensures total control over industry-unique receivables management issues.

Industry standard billing formats are supported for both general contractors and subcontractors. Lump sum and unit price billings are easily processed, and a single step makes it easy to reverse and revise billings long after the original revenue was posted.

A flexible tracking system lets you control change orders from initial proposal to final billing and change orders to contracts are easy to enter. Additionally, integration with Job Cost provides a single-entry system.


  • The Accounts Receivable | Contract File Maintenance screen has a Distribution tab to allow users to set the distribution percentage for each G/L account. This tab includes the option to ‘Distribute draw request to invoice by G/L code?’ check box for use when posting Accounts Receivable draw requests to Accounts Payable invoices, similar to the General Ledger distribution available in the vendor file.
  • The Details tab allows the G/L code to be entered only if the ‘Distribute draw request to invoice by G/L code?’ check box is clear, otherwise they will be disallowed.
  • The Contract File Listing shows the distribution by G/L information only if the ‘Include detail?’ check box is selected.
  • The Update Draws to Invoice Entry creates the invoice detail lines from the Distribution by G/L code if the check box is selected.
  • The Contract File Maintenance screen allows entry for a virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields.
  • In the Change Orders Log Report, two summary lines stating Executed CR’s that do not have any CO detail“ or “Approved CR’s that do not have any CO detail include the totals for each line.
  • A Contract Status Reconciliation report option appears on the Change Request Log Print starting screen.
  • No requirement for ”period closing“; system may be kept open for any period. User-defined closing dates can be maintained.
  • Fiscal calendar controls posting to appropriate fiscal periods.
  • Monthly account activity totals are maintained (up to 4 years).
  • On-line storage of AR detail transactions is limited only by disk capacity.
  • Year-end balances can be recalculated at any time if data changes.
  • AR Account Inquiry displays activity totals and itemized detail for any account by customer or by job.
  • AIA G702 and G703 form equivalents are printed automatically.
  • Subcontractor billing is supported.
  • Reports can be generated by customer or by contract.
  • Customer inquiry shows open items and payment history.
  • Change order inquiry includes proposed and accepted change orders.
  • Change order status can be easily changed from proposed to executed.
  • Change orders update contract, job cost estimates, and billing.
  • Retention is calculated and tracked for contracts and customers.
  • Look-up by name is available if customer code is not known.
  • Search for open items is available during cash receipts entry.
  • Miscellaneous and non-AR cash can be entered and tracked.
  • Contract inquiry displays change orders, open items, and payments.
  • Statements can be printed by contract or by customer.
  • Deposit slips can be printed automatically.
  • Finance charges can be calculated for specific customer.
  • Complete billing history is maintained.
  • Customer labels are available.
  • Recurring invoices can be set up to allow routine billings to be automatic.
  • System allows unlimited customer remarks and contract remarks.
  • Automatic reversal of draw requests and automatic reversal of invoices is available.
  • Accounts Receivable / Billing is integrated with Project Management, Document Imaging, General Ledger, Job Cost, Time + Material, Accounts Payable / Subcontract Management, Order Processing, Inventory Control, Work Order, Scale Interface, Equipment Control, Cash Management, Service Contract, Sales Analysis, and Esti-Link modules, which reduces input time and ensures accuracy.

Inquiry Screens

  • Customer Inquiry
  • Contact Detail Inquiry
  • Contract Inquiry by Customer
  • Invoice Inquiry
  • Display Total Accounts Receivable
  • Change Request Inquiry
  • Change Order Inquiry


Draw Requests/Billings: Produces complete AIA G702 and G703 form equivalent billings. Sales tax calculations have been incorporated into the billing forms. An optional subcontractor application for payment billing form is also available.

Aged Open Items Report: Ages all the open invoices as current, 30, 60, and 90 and over categories. The retention amount is also printed with the customer name and telephone number. The report is available as summary or detail and by job or customer.

Sales Tax Report: Lists all the invoices by their respective sales tax codes. The invoice amount, taxable amount, sales tax, and sales tax percentage is printed. This report can be printed for any period and for any tax codes.

Contract Detail Report: A complete listing of open invoices or payments made against the contract. The original contract, change orders, revised contract, billed, paid, and retention amounts are printed.

Other Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Sales GL Distribution Report
  • Cash Receipts GL Distribution Report
  • AR Trial Balance Report
  • AR Sales Register
  • Recurring Invoice Report
  • Statements
  • Billing Quantity History Report
  • Pre-Billing Quantity Journal
  • Invoices
  • Draw Request Worksheet
  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Transaction Code Listing
  • Change Order Trial Balance
  • Invoice Log
  • Invoice Edit Listing
  • Deposit Slip Listing
  • Finance Charge Listing
  • Contract Summary by Customer
  • Contract File Listing
  • Customer File Listing
  • Customer Sales Report
  • Customer Inquiry Report
  • Customer Labels
  • Sales Tax Code Listing
  • Sales Journal
  • Billing Item Listing
  • Terms Code Listing
  • Salesperson Listing
  • Unit of Measure Listing
  • Item Description/Message Listing
  • Change Request Logs
  • Change Request Pricing Reports
  • Change Request Profit Reports
  • Change Request Proposal Forms
  • Change Request Status Listing
  • Change Order Status Listing
  • Change Order Log
  • Change Order Profit Reports
  • Change Order Forms
  • Invoice User-Defined Fields Listing
  • Change Customer Code Listing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Spectrum Construction Management Software line of products, developed by Dexter + Chaney.