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Spectrum Construction Management Software

A full ERP system designed by Dexter + Chaney for construction and professional services companies.
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Version 14 is the most innovative new version of software in Dexter + Chaney’s 30+ year history. With v14, Spectrum enters the cloud. But we’ve done much more than simply move our existing software to a hosted environment. We’ve completely redesigned the user interface and user experience, creating the construction industry’s easiest to use and most accessible business management software.

The V14 Experience

The experience begins with the dashboard. This is your launch pad to all your most important information. Customize the dashboard by choosing from a wide variety of applications, from job cost graphs to industry newsfeeds. Simply drag and drop them using the Dashboard Builder. Want to take a deeper look into the information you see? Simply click on a dashboard element and go directly to the place in Spectrum where you can see all the details behind the scenes.

Companies use Spectrum to run their entire construction business, so with version 14, we decided it was time to make Spectrum available to everyone. All your employees can log in and access the dashboard to see important company information—and it costs you nothing!

Ready to do some work? Choose from a list of favorite tasks in your navigation bar, or use the Info Bar to select something specific—a job, a vendor an employee, a report, and so on. Your dashboard turns into a desktop setup for you to work on the task you’ve selected, and the Info Bar displays relevant information and navigation.

Need to work on more than one thing at a time or view information in different ways? Spectrum’s browser-based interface opens a new tab for every new task and lets you keep your tabs open and accessible. No more closing and re-opening screens or trying to remember how to move through complex menus. With Spectrum v14, all your information is one click away.

Doing More For Less

Less complexity. Less effort to get up and running. Less investment in hardware, operating systems, and databases. And less time spent installing, maintaining, and upgrading your software. Spectrum v14 delivers lower cost of ownership because we deliver a true cloud solution. There is no software to maintain, no special hardware to purchase, and no updates or upgrades to install.

Want to run Spectrum on your own hardware? No problem! Install Spectrum on your server, and because it’s browser-based you still won’t have to install software on client machines. You simply access your company network, open a browser, and get to work.

Comfortable with using web-based software? Then choose the cloud option and completely avoid any hardware purchases or software maintenance overhead. Is security a concern? With Spectrum, your data is your own and is protected by the same level of security used for online banking.

Either way, you get the full v14 experience with less upfront investment and less ongoing operating cost than ever before. And as always, once you purchase Spectrum, you never pay again for any new version or update.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Reviews of Spectrum Construction Management Software

from Garrard Building Contractors says…

Very difficult as there was no team to assist in implementation. We used Sage 300 and access to consultants are more accessible.

The good: Difficult conversion from Sage 300. Abandoned the program.

The bad: Lack of full disclosures.

An Spectrum Construction Management Software user says…

I am very happy with the program, it is great and everything works great on it.