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Acumin provides an intuitive and efficient approach to data entry and resource management using standard Windows functionality that support comprehensive practice management and time entry models. This assists you to capture key information regardless of your work space.

Use personalized auto-text replace and Word spell checking options for more efficient data entry methodology.

Use “To-Do” frameworks and avoid missed deadlines. Synchronize agendas and contacts to eliminate redundant data entry.

Capture additional time records or trigger new tasks without the need for additional inputs.

Employ the many tools designed to facilitate data management, enabling “Firm” focus on client services rendered rather than of data administration requirements and marketing. Improve the firm’s ROI by providing clarity into matter status and profitability models regardless of profit center accounting requirements; effectively capturing time spent and disbursements incurred on the client’s behalf, successfully managing allocated resources, regularly reusing intellectual property, increasing the utilization of professional teams and improving access to detailed metrics for in-depth analysis. Small changes in productivity and workload levels lead to significant improvements to the bottom line.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Practice Management, Time Entry & Billing:

  • Data Synchronization
  • General Ledger and Trust Accounting
  • Marketing and Contact Relationship Management

"Practice Management, Time Entry & Billing" is part of the Acumin line of products, developed by Dexco.