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A developer of business management software designed for the professional services industry.

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Established in 1974, Dexco is a leading provider of best-in-class solutions designed specifically for the legal industry. Our commitment: to provide technology solutions, professional services and client support that substantially benefits our customers, our business partners and the legal community.

Our solutions and services present our law firm users the world over, a variety of access and presentation mechanisms that include portals, mobile platforms and other collaborative tools so as to transform the way people work effectively. Our work stems from the quite confidence that comes from processing deep expertise in the business of law and that we have remained dedicated. Our commitment is a different experience when you work with us: We will provide a clear understanding of your business problems, we will speak plainly, we will offer outside-of-the-box thinking with passion and commitment towards your success in every aspect of the engagement and beyond, using only season Dexco professionals.

Dexco’s project services can include: in-house data migration and conversion, project management, implementation, deployment and training services. Once implemented, support, maintenance and user education is provided by Dexco employees, guaranteeing consistent and measurable results.

Product Lines

  • Acumin

    A full ERP system designed by Dexco for accounting/legal/professional and professional services companies.

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