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Wind2 Government Contract Management

A software system designed by Deltek.
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This product has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase. Deltek recommends you consider Deltek First Essentials in substitution.

Note: Wind2 has been purchased by Deltek and Wind2 products are no longer being sold. Deltek does offer a solution designed for the needs of former Wind2 Government Contract Management customers: Deltek GCS Premier. For more information on Deltek GCS Premier please feel free to visit the product directory page, by clicking on the Deltek GCS Premier link in the Related Products section at the bottom of this page.

Advanced Cost Accounting and Reporting for Government Contractors

Wind2’s Government Contract Management module (GCM) provides an advanced suite of integrated features that will help your firm meet the rigorous contract accounting requirements of federal, state, and local government agencies. It will enable you to track and report a variety of indirect cost data that will help you comply with CAS, FAR, ICE and DCAA requirements and allow project costs to be invoiced on standard government forms DD250, SF1034 and 1035.

In addition to helping you comply with government contracting standards, Wind2 GCM provides indirect cost management tools that are beneficial even if your firm does not work on government projects. It will help you better understand your firm’s indirect costs so that you can build more accurate and competitive billing rates and better control your firm’s overhead expense.

Whether your firm specializes exclusively in government work, you have a mix of private and government sector projects, or you just want better control of your indirect costs, Wind2 GCM is your best choice. No other application addresses your needs so completely!

The capabilities of Wind2 GCM include:

  • Unlimited cost pools
    • Calculate Indirect expense rates and amounts
    • Establish competitive and profitable billing rates
    • Enter cost pool adjustments (using formulas, constants, or GL account balances) to exclude non-allowable expenses
    • Recalculate and immediately view cost pool at any time
  • Limitless Indirect Expense Rates
    • Use formulas to expand the calculation of indirect expense rates
  • A powerful and time saving GL distribution tool:
    • Use a percentage, units, account balances or a formula to distribute costs to target accounts
    • Attach allocation records to a cost pool record for printing incurred cost reports
  • Unmatched project-level features
    • Assign a governing agency for reporting purposes for each unique contractual arrangement
    • Track Internal Research and Development (IR&D) and Bidding and Proposal (B&P) costs
    • Enter a government contract billing type label so that your government projects can be grouped on reports
    • Specify funding levels that restrict the system from invoicing beyond those levels. However, labor and expense charges beyond the funding level are retained and reported by the system
  • Unlimited formulas
    • Use GL account balances, indirect expense rates, cost pool records, other formulas, and/or constant values in formulas
    • Use these formulas to create or modify cost pool records, indirect expense rates, or general ledger distributions
    • Batch printing of all reports for each governing agency
    • Organize data output for management of indirect costs
    • Use the provided default schedules or customize and assign your own report for a governing agency
  • A variety of way to assign actual and provisional rates to projects
    • Assign provisional rates as a percentage, per unit basis, or as a fixed amount
    • Track the starting and ending dates or effective period for each rate in the event they change
    • Designate if you want provisional rates to calculate on overtime hours or the OT premium billing amount
    • Link the actual indirect expense rate to the provisional rate for reporting comparison
  • Cost of money calculation
    • Compute the cost of money rate for the average net book value of your assets
    • Invoice for cost of money quickly and easily
    • Produce the Facilities Capitol Cost of Money Factors Computation report
  • Detailed audit trail system controls and reporting
    • Track and report on changes to time records, cost pools, and indirect expense rate calculations
    • Restrict time record changes to the employee who created the time record
    • Require a comment for any time record change
    • View a history of a cost pool’s value for each fiscal period
  • A streamlined way to Track and report on IR&D and B&P
    • Designate proposal and overhead projects as IR&D and B&P project types
    • Post these project types to a unique range of general ledger accounts for financial and incurred cost reporting
  • A variety of report schedules
    • Cost Pool Reports
    • Intermediate Rate Reports
    • Allocation Bases
    • Facilities Capital Cost of Money Factors Computation
    • Reconciliation of Books of Account and Claimed Direct Costs
    • Summary of Direct Contract/Subcontract Costs/ IR&D/B&P
    • Government Participation in Indirect Cost Pools
    • Schedule of Cumulative Direct and Indirect Costs Claimed and Billed on Cost/Flexibly Priced Contracts and Subcontracts
    • Contract Direct Costs by Contract/ Subcontract and Indirect Expense at Claimed Rates
    • Subcontract Information
    • Summary of Hours and Amounts on T&M/ Labor Hour Contracts
    • Reconciliation of Total Payroll to Total -Labor Distribution
    • Listing of Decisions, Agreements or Approvals Affecting Direct/Indirect Cost and Description of Accounting or Organization Changes
    • Certificate of Final Indirect Costs
    • Contract Closing Information for those Contracts for which Work Effort was Completed
  • Flexible yet compliant invoices and standard reports
    • SF1034
    • Two versions of the SF1035
    • Standard invoice
    • Standard billing review report
    • Cost pool list
    • Cost Pool Adjustments List
    • Cost Pool Log
    • Indirect Expense Rate List
    • Indirect Expense Rate Log
    • Formula List
    • Governing Agencies List
    • GL Distribution Methods List
    • Government Contract Control Information
    • Statement of Indirect Expenses
    • Indirect Expense Rate Billing Variance (compares actual rates to provisional rates)
    • Create or customize a standard report at any time using the integrated report writer

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