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Our core product allowing entry of work orders in two formats, service orders and new installs. Tracks all work orders on a detailed map. Tracks all service technicians, field technicians, or field personnel locations on a detailed map. Simple and easy to use data entry allows for comprehensive solutions. Includes:

  • Detailed Customer Information
  • Exact Geographic Location of Every Work Order
  • Tracks Service Vehicle Location
  • Dispatch Multiple Locations from a Single Office
  • Allows for Multiple Dispatchers
  • Notify Key Personnel of Important Work Orders
  • Detailed Security Log and Password Protection
  • Multiple Map Views
  • Enhanced Find and Search Capabilities
  • Create Searchable Reports
  • View Work Order History on the Fly
  • Export Customer Lists for Mailing Lists or Sales Promotions
  • Customize View by Location, Work Order Type, Scheduled Date, In Progress, Etc.
  • Daily and Weekly View for Scheduling Calendar
  • Track Callbacks and In Warranty Work Orders
  • Detailed Reports By Customer, Location, Employee, etc.
  • Allocate Work Orders by Type and Priority
  • Convert Work Order Type with Single Mouse Click
  • Unlimited Work Order and Customer Records
  • Detailed Searching Capabilities with Interactive Reports

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Dispatched Vers. 2.1:

"Dispatched Vers. 2.1" is part of the Dispatched line of products, developed by DeFNiC Software and Consulting.