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OnCite Work Orders will give you everything you need to track your various work orders (i.e. Tenant Requests and Preventative Maintenance. The system will then give you metrics to measure performance against parameters defined by you. The system will give you the ability to define work order line items allowing you to track the billing of parts and labor. The system will also allow you to setup team rosters as well as other management tools for managing and dispatching work orders. Some of the other features of this application include:

  • Tenant Retention - you will receive tools for quickly entering and dispatching Service Requests as well as entering completion information. Working in conjunction with the OnCite Tenant Portal, tenants can see the real-time status of their requests as well as enter new requests.
  • Automate Bill-backs for Service Requests Parts and Labor - OnCIte will automatically generate the billable labor line items for invoicing service requests, as soon as the completion information is entered.
  • Automate Work Order Assignment - OnCite allows you to define an Assignment Matrix, which will assign work orders based upon property and type of request. OnCite also routes Work Orders for assignment when the normal assignee is out of the office. This automated assignment means that requests entered from the Tenant Portal go directly to a building engineer.
  • RIM BlackBerry and Palm Powered Handheld Integration - OnCite allow you to receive and update/closeout work orders while in the field. And with OnCite’s OCC (Occasionally Connected Computing) technology, spotty wireless reception presents no problem.
  • Tenant Request Work Orders - Receive service requests entered by tenants via the OnCite Tenant Portal or manually enter requests received via fax, phone, or in person. Use the priority indicator to identify and help manage critical and non-critical issues.
  • Preventive Maintenance Work Orders - Receive scheduled work orders generated by the OnCite Preventive Maintenance system and create work orders for unscheduled equipment repair and service. Help to ensure consistency and adherence to standards by including pre-defined instructions and other details for servicing the equipment.
  • Team Roster - Maintain general contact information about each team member, including the preferred method of communication (email, handheld, printer or fax) for accepting work orders.
  • Work Order Assignment Managers - Gather a group of work orders by selecting filtering options for assignees, equipment type, property, and tenant. Use the accompanying management tools to quickly review, assign, and dispatch work orders meeting the specified criteria.
  • Work Order Print Controls - Use integrated filter options to capture a group of work orders for subsequent review and printing. Filtering options include date range, property, tenant, trade code, equipment type and assigned to.
  • Report Manager - Use the included tools to generate current lists of team members and work orders, as well as YTD summary reports. Provide forecast reports for projected maintenance and labor, customizing the content by defining column content, groupings, sorting, and totals.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Work Order Management:

"Work Order Management" is part of the OnCite line of products, developed by Deep Forest Systems.