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The OnCite Tenant Portal will give you a web site to facilitate the flow of information between tenants and property managers. It also allows secure access for Tenants to enter, view and request modifications to Service Requests (work orders). Multiple properties can be supported, each with their own look, feel & functionality set. Some of the additional features of this product include

  • Tenant Retention - This easy to use web based system for entering service requests allow you to provide an easier way for your tenants to get the service they need. This in turn will lead to higher tenant satisfaction, and ultimately to better tenant retention.
  • Expedite the Service Request Process - The automated dispatching of service requests provides a seamless process to get service work done more quickly.
  • Service Request - Tenants may enter and review Service Requests (Work Orders). Service Requests are automatically routed and integrate fully with the optional OnCite Work Orders.
  • Building Calendar - Tenants may view Activities scheduled for the Property. Building Management posts calendar information as needed such as Tenant Appreciation events, HVAC outages and more.
  • Bulletin Board - Allow your tenants to view special notices for their property. This is especially helpful during bad weather conditions.
  • Tenant Handbook - Post your tenant handbook to a website with search capabilities, and easy updates.
  • Property Information - Tenants may view general information about their building including resources, management team contact information, and more. Building staff can update all of these details at any time through the Tenant Portal Administration Interface.
  • Contact Manager - Store all of your tenant contact information with the ability to review and update at any point in time.
  • Invoices - Display Rent Invoices, Work Order Invoices, etc. for review by Tenants.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Tenant Portal:

"Tenant Portal" is part of the OnCite line of products, developed by Deep Forest Systems.