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The Preventive Maintenance application will provide you with streamlined preventative maintenance management of building systems and equipment across multiple facilities. This system will allow you to track and manage schedules for maintaining equipment and to capture detailed instructions for all work to be performed. Automated work order generation and overdue reminders help ensure work is performed on time and to specification. Some of the additional features and benefits can be seen below:

  • Equipment Profiles - This system will allow you to maintain detailed information about each piece of equipment at each property. Integrated management tools allow you to quickly generate multiple profiles for properties with multiple installations of the same equipment.
  • Work Order Schedules - By scheduling preventative maintenance you can improve the reliability and prolong the life on any piece of equipment. Multiple options, including seasonal parameters, allow flexible scheduling to meet demanding operational requirements. Use the intuitive management tools to easily generate bulk schedules for multiple installations of the same equipment.
  • Instruction Sets - For any scheduled task you can construct detailed tasks and precise instructions. Specify up to 40 customizable readings to be gathered when work is performed.
  • Integrated Work Orders - With integration into OnCite Work Orders, you are able to automatically generate work orders with instruction tasks, when the scheduled maintenance is due. Work will then be tracked through completion and will notify appropriate contacts via email when they need to perform tasks.
  • Calendar Report Manager - Simplify planning and review by providing easy-to-read calendars showing scheduled maintenance in 7-day or monthly format. Tailor the planner to specific properties, tenants, and/or assigned staff.
  • Assignment Manager - Assign staff and dispatch work orders via printer, e-mail, handheld device or fax.
  • Report Manager/Labor Forecast - Tools included within OnCite will generate reports on equipment, labor history and work order status. Provide forecast reports for projected maintenance and labor requirements. Customize ad hoc reporting by defining column content, groupings, sorting, and totals. **
  • BOMA Standards - If you are trying to comply with BOMA standards for equipment lifespan, OnCite will manage all dates for said equipment.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Preventive Maintenance:

"Preventive Maintenance" is part of the OnCite line of products, developed by Deep Forest Systems.