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OnCite Leasing will give you a single point of storage for all lease management information. This application will track tenant responsibility logs, escalations, security deposits, expirations, renewals, and more. Built-in automatic e-mail tickler system reminds you in advance when actions are due. Some of the additional features of this application include:

  • Lease Abstract - This application will allow you to construct a comprehensive tenant profile, including insurance information, critical dates, customized reminders, and defined tenant/landlord responsibilities. Upload copies of legal or other associated documents.
  • Lite Lease - The Lite Lease feature will capture basic tenant information when it isn’t crucial to capture extensive details, and then upgrade it later if a lease abstract is needed
  • Suite Descriptors - Define the available spaces within a property, including square footage and description, and assign the spaces to tenant leases.
  • Recurring Charge Schedules - By setting up recurring charges you can automate the process of collecting rent, parking fees, etc. This in turn will save you time and energy leading ultimately to cost savings
  • Stacking Plan - View a report of tenants by floor according to the tenants assigned to the Suite Descriptors, or view a report of vacancies by floor. Use the Stacking Plan Manager to create, assign, and vacate suites for a property.
  • Management Group Profiles - Maintain a profile on all Tenant Management Groups complete with which tenants they manage.
  • Leasing Activity Calendar - View a monthly or weekly calendar report of all Leasing activities due in the given period, including expiration dates and renewal option dates.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Lease Management:

"Lease Management" is part of the OnCite line of products, developed by Deep Forest Systems.