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Work In Progress

A multi‑module management system designed by Dedicated Software Solutions for construction companies.
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Work In Progress is an integrated system that will assist in your home builders construction. The product is centered around nine separate applications, which give you total and complete visibility of every task, project, and dollar. The applications are:

  • Invoice View
  • Draws and Deposits View
  • Checkbook View
  • Taskmaster Estimating View.
  • QuickEst Estimating View
  • Budgeting and PO’s View
  • Payroll View
  • Customer Billing and Payments View

Popular Functionality Modules

Invoice View Work In Progress’ Invoice View handles all of your accounts payable needs. The software will automatically apply vendor numbers for you; this allows each of your…

Checkbook View Work In Progress has the ability to maintain a current balance of any bank account; by automatically processing data when a check is written or a deposit made. To write a…

Draws and Deposits View The Draws and Deposits View will greatly assist you in applying payments received for work to their proper lots (home building projects still in progress). This product will…

Customer Billing and Payments View The Customer Billing and Payments View gives you the ability to create and track an invoice. To do this you simply select the job you want to bill for; then enter the items…

Payroll View Work In Progress also features a largely automated payroll system. The Payroll View allows you to pay in either hourly or salaried employees; with the option of processing…

Complete Functionality Module List

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