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Taskmaster incorporates construction estimating and construction scheduling into one system; this system is highly integrated with Work In Progress. Once you create an estimate (this being done in the same fashion as the Quickest View), it can be copied to other jobs and be used verbatim; or you may make adjustments as each unique job dictates. Once a contract is signed; the system will use the estimate in a job costing format to automatically create all necessary purchase orders. The scheduling aspect of Taskmaster will add the date when the job must be completed to all purchase orders. Therefore, all of your suppliers and subcontractors will be able to clearly see the date they are required on the job, on every purchase order they receive. The scheduling aspect of Taskmaster also gives it the capability to recalculate schedules based on the completion of the last task (assuming that task was delayed). Finally, Taskmaster allows you to print a report detailing upcoming tasks, and who is assigned to said tasks; hence giving you the best chances of staying on schedule.

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