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This optional module for Bassets eDepreciation provides for non-standard accounting periods. While most companies end their year on December 31st or the last calendar day of some other month, there are a great many companies whose year will end, for example, the last Saturday in December or some other month.

The 13 Period Accounting module is the same as the 4-4-5 Week Period Accounting except that the tax year will consist of 13, 28 day accounting periods. When the 4-4-5 Week Accounting Period Module has been activated, the user would select 13 Period Accounting on the Client Master Preferences tab.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with 4-4-5 Week, 13 Period Accounting:

"4-4-5 Week, 13 Period Accounting" is part of the Bassets eDepreciation line of products, developed by Decision Support Technology.

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