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  • Handles Sales Orders, Direct Billings, Interim and Recurring Service Billings, Repeat Orders, Debit Memo, Credit Memos, Cash Sales, Blanket Orders.
  • Quickly and efficiently copy a quotation, previous sales order, or invoiced order to create a new order.
  • Supports multiple types of order line types including: Stock, Non-Stock, Service, Labour lines, Kits, Miscellaneous charges and Comment lines.
  • Integrated with purchasing and manufacturing so that sales order inquiries will show production schedule completion date for manufactured items and purchase order details including receipt date for purchased items.
  • Visually see complete inventory status details during order entry. Check when PO receipts are forecast to be received and when production is scheduled to be completed.
  • Optionally enable or disable functions including Serial Number Tracking, Dangerous Goods Notification and reporting, and Inventory Lot control
  • Supports Drop Shipments processing integrated with purchasing and invoicing
  • Customer Message files for shipping papers, invoices, statements, and order entry screens.
  • Many Sales Order Booking Analysis inquiries and reports.
  • Maintains customer notes on line.
  • And More…………………..

Other Applications

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"Sales Order Processing" is part of the Decision Builder Solution - ERP/Manufacturing/Distribution line of products, developed by Decision Software.