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  • Production work orders can be quickly and easily entered into the system or be automatically created from sales order demands or MRP requirements
  • Easy to operate MRP programs. Choice of running the MRP to analyse and report purchasing requirements or run the Full MRP to generate sub-assembly work orders, allocate work orders and create production cost estimate records, and update the production schedule.
  • View Production plan including inventory balances, usage history, and current demands on a monthly basis
  • View inventory forecasts showing the opening inventory balance and all transactions for an item by date showing the forecasted inventory balance
  • Use the simplified one-step work order allocation program to issue work orders to production and generate sub-assembly work order requirements or run the full MRP process.
  • Issuing work orders to production will create a production costing record for the work order with estimated costs based on the bill of material – actual costs will be posted to the costing file to compare actual costs to estimated costs and quantity still remaining by operation or work center.
  • Use the labour entry programs to collect labour costs against a work order or use shop floor data collection and scanning to automatically collect labour costs
  • View the status of jobs by operation or work center showing the quantity produced
  • Material shortage reporting.
  • Resource requirements reporting.
  • Routing sheets by work center.
  • Wage accrual and labor analysis system.
  • Equipment utilization reporting.
  • Record inventory movement based on bill of material, material requisition, or exception reporting.
  • And more ………….

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Production Work Order Control:

"Production Work Order Control" is part of the Decision Builder Solution - ERP/Manufacturing/Distribution line of products, developed by Decision Software.