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Decision Software

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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With origins back to 1980, Decision Software Inc. is a Toronto based company and is the developer of the Decision Builder series of Business Applications. The Decision Builder is a leading ERP/MRP system that serves companies in manufacturing, distribution and service fields throughout North America. The Decision Builder is a feature rich, highly functional solution that is very easy to implement and very easy to use that can be implemented to meet your company’s specific requirements. Decision Software has installed and supports installations of the Decision Builder software across North America in over sixty different industries.

Decision Software maintains a fully staffed service and support team made up of dedicated professionals committed to meeting the needs of our various clients. Decision Software’s professional services department assists our customers in deploying the Decision Builder software quickly and cost-effectively. With the variety of skill sets and services that they can offer, their in-depth product knowledge, their many years of experience, the Decision Software team is able to ensure our customers maximize the return on their software solution investment.

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