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The Stock Control module is the foundation of the whole S5 Logistics Suite, providing accurate and flexible control over inventory levels for any type of product. Powerful features allow the module to be configured to precisely manage and handle any type of product or business process.

Product Details - Product Details provide the ability to define up to 25 character product codes, 80 character short descriptions, as well as variable length long descriptions. EAN codes can also be defined for use with the EDI options included within the system. Product codes can use an automated check digit function. This can use either a user-defined calculation, or a number of available standard procedures for calculating the digit.

Product Creation Wizards - de Facto S5 offers user definable wizards for creating products. These enable the user to be guided through all of the relevant steps needed to create a product. The wizard includes the facility to define automatic calculations for structured product codes and descriptions, etc.

Multiple Product Codes - Each product can have any number of other product codes (aliases) held in lists linked to individual or groups of customers and suppliers. These codes can be used during sales and purchase order entry and also printed on customer or supplier paperwork. These product codes can also store alternative descriptions, which can be held in alternate languages for printing on customer or supplier paperwork.

Alternative Product Codes - Alternative Product Codes also allow the user to link to other products for easy access from anywhere in the logistics suite. The use of these can be automated by the setting of the product status to ‘discontinued’, which has the effect of automatically selecting the alternative.

Stock Types and Qualities - The de Facto S5 logistics suite provides optional methods of segregating stock, based on its current or intended usage. Types, for instance, can be used to differentiate saleable and loan stock within a single product code. Qualities could be used to select certain batches of product for customers based on their quality rating and respective requirements.

Associated Products - Allow complex links to be handled between products for automated additions to sales and purchase orders. These facilities can be used, for instance, to automatically add manuals to sales of computers, or plastic trays to orders for fresh produce.

Multiple Warehouses - de Facto S5 allows for the definition of multiple sites, which can then be allocated multiple warehouses, each of which can have multiple locations. Each warehouse can have its own ‘pick order’ defined for use with both picking and put away lists. Products can be either individually or automatically registered within each warehouse.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Stock Control:

"Stock Control" is part of the de Facto S5 line of products, developed by De Facto Software.